does anyone know where i could find a alaskan huskie breeder close to louisiana?

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Please please be wary of backyard breeders and pet shops and the classifieds. The absolute best place to find a reputable breeder is the Alaskan Huskie Club of America. They are dedicated to the breed and guidelines provided by the AKC. They are true lovers of the breed and not out for the all mighty dollar.

    Unfortunately there are none listed in the state of LA. The closest listings are in Texas. I've listed them below.

    Being from LA myself knowing the heat and humidity we have to deal with, I would suggest if you do get a long hair breed, to shave their coat in the summer months. It would be comparable to us walking around in full length mink coats in June, I wouldn't want to be the one doing it. They will love you for it.


    Carol Bowen (PSRI)

    916 Trinity Court

    Willow Park, TX 76087 USA


    Larry & Illona Chu (PSDI)

    Richmond, TX 77469-8744 USA


    Shari James (PSDI)

    Rockwall, TX 75032-8113 USA


    Terry & Twinkey Moore (PSI)

    12221 WC Trail

    Amarillo, TX 79118-0330 USA


    Elizabeth & Gary Philippi (PS)

    Houston, TX 77095-4536 USA


    Renee Rehmert (PHSI)

    Huntsville, TX 77342 USA


    Jay Van Zandt (DHIP)

    White Oak, TX 75693-2506 USA

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  • Elena
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    1 decade ago

    Firstly, there is no such thing as an Alaskan Huskie. There is Alaskan Malamute or Siberian Husky. Two very different breeds.

    Why buy from a breeder when you can adopt and save a life? Go to to search for a Malamute or Sibe in your state.

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  • Nowhere in the world.... there is no such thing as an "Alaskan Husky" (y not ie) there is such a breed as an "Alaskan Malamute" and "Siberian Husky" Anyway good luck.. I hope you find the dog that is right for you.

    here is a list of dog breeders in Louisiana..

    Another site with Malamute breeder listings..

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  • 1 decade ago

    Are Huskies and Malamutes the same thing if not they look a lot a like try this site it will show u a list of breeders all over the country but sorry no Huskies

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  • 1 decade ago

    Go to the link below and scroll down to where it lists the states and under them breeders and go to louisiana, or other states nearby you. Theres more in the internet, just got to google it.

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