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What is the difference between Harley-Davidson Sportster Custom and Sport?

What is the difference between the Harley Davidson XLH Sportster Sport 1999 and the Harley Davidson Sportster 1200 Custom 1999??

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    the XLH is a model that is slightly race packaged. Not to say the motor is any different, but it will have a couple of features like duel front brake calipers, slightly different angled bars, sorta similar to a motocross type and seat and leg position will be "upright" in the middle of the bike. The custom will have a little bit more chrome, the bars will up higher and angled back a bit. The seat and leg position will have you slightly butt centered with your legs more " forward". Many riders prefer this. The customs tend to run a little bit more money, but not much. They tend have a faster resale attraction unless you seek the other style. they share the exact motor with only a variation if the XLH is a "R" model that comes with a two into one factory pipe.Don't get intimated with the nay-Sayers about the sportster product. Remember HD built their racing reputation on this motor....Get it? Yeah chicks ride em, mostly because of their nimbleness, not because they are slow. If you buy one under the year 2005, invest in some foam grips, to reduce the buzz and ride safe.

    Good Luck.

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    Actually, motorwise not much. the main difference is in the layout of the bike. the XL1200C (the Custom) has a different rake by a few degrees. Its more of a sport cruiser. where the Sportster Sport is a sport bike. With a smaller gas tank, a more upright riding posture, mid position for the footpegs. And the Custom has a bigger gas tank, forward control position on the footpegs, and a more laid back riding posture.

    Dont let people tell you that a Sportster is a "girls' bike. My last Harley was a 1957 Panhead, and it had the same size engine in it that my Sporty does now. a 1200cc or 74 cubic inch engine. The Sportster is still quicker than most of the "Big twins", and after 2004 the engines were rubber mounted. Let me tell you, that made a lot of difference. Its nice to look in the mirrors and actualy see what is behind you.

    Hope that helps.

    Source(s): I own an '05 XL1200R the modern equivalent to a Sport, and my brother owns an '06 XL1200C XL1200C
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      100% agreed! Love my XLC 1200 (custom) Vance heines pipes sissy bar with love seat. I can keep up with crotch rockets and they get embarrassed! Cherry Red, 2005 same year. Unfortunately having electrical problems, stater(hope not), voltage regular(done in September), battery yesterday still not

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