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which is the best black college?

by best i mean-fun, best academics,


for the person who thinks that i should go to a college with all races, i want to go to a black college so that i can be with people i am more likely to be friends with. i dont hate or dislike any race. but lets be honest here most people hang out with people who are of their own race. i have had friends of other colors, it was no problem. but still most of my friends are black. so why waste fun with people i probably wont befriend.

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    Oakwood College in Huntsville, Alabama. It is the alma mater of Barry Black, the U.S. Senate Chaplain.

    It has an excellent reputation, outstanding musical programs, and the students DO have a lot of fun! Established about a hundred years ago, it is considered a traditionally black college but it does have some white students, who are the minority.


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    If you want a college that does the best academically It's not gonna be a black college. If your your looking for the best party school then University of Texas was voted best party school.

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    Most of the HBCs aren't that great academically (though many offer other benefits). Howard is the best with Spellman and Rollins also being respectible.

    Source(s): I just had this discussion the other day with a friend who has degrees from Howard, Duke and Harvard.
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    My best friend in high school went to Howard University. She had a blast there...

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    how about a college for all races, what is this black college thing about?

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    Oakwood college in huntsville,alabama

    Source(s): norvef
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    I have heard Howard is one of the best.

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    Diddy's alma mater, HOWARD!!!

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    Somewhere in Africa.

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