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Is Candace Parker a senior, or Lindsay Harding, or r they going to the WNBA Draft?

If they r then the phoenix mercury will get then, and we are goin' to rule next year!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Candace Parker is a RedShirt Sophomore so she still has 3 years of College Eligibility Left. Lindsay Harding is a Senior and is entering the Draft. There are no reports that Parker is entering the Draft. In fact, I've heard she's returning to the Vols.

    To the person below me...Are you really a Duke fan? Oh Man...I'm so sorry the way that game against Rutgers ended. That's got to be the worst way to end your career. I coach Girl's Basketball and I always preach to them of that dreaded situation. My example was a guy, I forget who, who had 3 free throws and missed them all and lost by one. Best of luck next year, I hope you keep your Coach but I hear it's a long shot. I really enjoy watching your program compete, you have heart, and I really wish a Championship for you soon, even though I'm a Pac-10 (Bruin) fan. Lindsay will have a brilliant pro career.

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    Candace Parker is staying. Hands down. She said she was stayin till she completes her senior year. How do i know? The biggest lady vol fan in the universe just answered your question, thats how. Lindsey Harding isnt that great, and I'm not just saying that cause I am a Tennessee fan, but did you see that game?! She cant even hit TWO clutch freethrows to tie or win the game. A pee wee player couldve done better. I think she has reached her peak and when she gets drafted by the Mercury we will never see hide nor hair from her again.

    Candace is a different story, though. She will dominate the wnba. But you have another 2 years or more to wait

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    Candace Parker could if she wanted to enter the Draft but she has chosen to return to Tennessee. And as for Lindsey Harding she is a senior and I've heard she is going to eneter the Draft. But rumors are rumors so you can never tell.

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    i think of she ought to stay. She would not depart earlier her preparation became complete. there's an prolonged status custom with Pat Summit and the commencement fee of her gamers. there's a pillar interior the locker room which you purely get to sign in case you get carry of your degree. yet she would be waiting to be completed with training this December leaving an entire 365 days to play ball for the Orange without academic distractions. As a rookie getting into the league, she would be waiting to no longer even wreck $40 5,000... except the CBA quite united statesthe earnings for those women people, so she would be waiting to no longer be leaving for the funds as stated above. So it quite will come all the way down to her desirous to stay in L.A. Sylvia Fowles may be a threat to that extensive style a million p.c... they are going to be finding to interchange Leslie in 3 -5 365 days and Sylvia is almost a purely like Lisa. 3 or so years decrease than a veteran like her is a frightening theory. an extremely narrow risk they're going to bypass up Parker in spite of the undeniable fact that.

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    Phoenix needs a center who can run the court, They already have enough ball handlers with DT, Cappy, and Kelly Miller. If they do take Harding they will most likely trade her.

    And as the others said, Parker said she will finish her college career at UT. Too bad Fowls from LSU isn't a senoir. She would really fit their system.

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    You have to graduate from college in order to enter into the WNBA draft.

    So, Candace Parker have to graduate first.

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  • I think Lindsey Harding is going to be the 1st pick overall pick in the draft, cause I've practiced against her and the girl can ball.

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    women are bad at basketball, nobdoy cares

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