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The pro rodeo!!?

Does anyone know anything about the way pro rodeo stars live? Ex: How long they're on the road, how their riding is scored, ect. Thanks!!

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    They are on the road as much as they wish. But most professional full-time cowboys are on the road a good portion of the entire year. There is no off season in rodeo with the Wrangler National Finals in Dec. and the first PRCA rodeo of the year in Jan. For the rough stock riders, their scores are scored by two prorodeo officials. Each judge has 50 points to award, 25 to the rider and 25 to the animal for a total of 100 points. A perfect score has been achieved. The animal is scored on how hard it bucks ect. while the cowboy is scored on staying on and form. If a cowboy is bucked off before the 8 seconds is up, he receives a no score. Professional rodeo is the only sport where the athletes pay to play. Each time a cowboy or cowgirl enters a rodeo, they must pay an entry fee. The only way they get paid is if they finish in the top of the standings and win prize money.

    Source(s): I am a PRCA rodeo queen contestent in the state of Iowa.
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    I don't know how many months they are on the road. Scoring is done with so many points for the action of the cowboy, and so many for the action of the animal. The two together makes the total score.

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