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difference in automotive headlamps converversion kits?

i've recently upgraded my headlight wattage from 60/55w (standard) to 130/100w and of course before anything else they said they install "relay" to avoid damaging the wirings and electrical parts

i saw in the net they are selling a conversion kit packed in a box.

Now, my question is..what consist of that conversion kit? and the difference between my relay? because the auto accessories dealer they manually assemble some relays, wirings and packed it with electrical tape.

are they just the same content between my "relay" and "conversion kits"?


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    on the cheap kits like some you see on ebay they come with a housing and a h-3 or 4 bulb it plugs right in but the higher wattage of the bulbs generates more heat and can overload your headlamp switch, they have a thermal overload built into them so if they get hot they turn off tillthey cool again so as not to fry your wiring

    the relay allows the switch to turn on and flip the contact in the relay so battery power can power your lamps and keep the duty off the headlamp switch

    I would definatly use the relay even of you buy a cheaper net set, that way you avoid losing your lights on a nighttime trip

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