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Which pitcher??

I have Josh Beckett. Derek Lowe is a free agent. What are the pros and cons of having either pitcher?

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    Josh Beckett is more of a power pitcher, tending to rely on speed than craftiness. Derek Lowe is the opposite, relying more on his sinker and groundball to get outs. Here's my pros and cons about owning either player:

    -Josh Beckett got shelled in his first year in the American League after dominating the NL with the Marlins, but that was expected in adjusting his mechanic in a new league, where there is no pitcher that can bat in the AL. Despite the 5.01 ERA and 1.29 WHIP, Beckett manage to avoid his blister problem that has been plaguing him throughout his career and reach the 200 inning mark for the first time in his career. His 16 wins were a career high, but mostly had run support in Boston. At 26 and a year expereince on the AL means better numbers, but his reliance on the fastball (70% of his pitches in 2006 were FB) could mean more HR for AL batters to lock on. Also, he stop relying on his curveball, which might have been the cause for all his blister problem throughout his career (it could still linger him again this season). The scary part about this is that his BB and hits given up has risen the past 3 years, so he could still be knock around at times but expects to get his wins and his average 150 K season.

    - Derek Lowe has been money for the Dodgers ever since he sign with L.A. after leading Boston to the World Series in 2004. He has manage to surpass 200 innings and manage to keep his ERA down to a 3.60 average in his two years with L.A. His 16 Wins were the most since winning 21 when he was converted from Boston's closer to starter. His control is still one of the best around (averaging only 55 BB with L.A.) and his overall number is decent at best. His only downside is that he doesn't strikeout a lot of batters, relying more on groundballs and flyouts, and he gets hit around a lot (averaging 220 hits given up). His age (33) gives a warning sign and the lack of power in the batting lineup means he has to battle for a victory everytime, but as long as his control is in tact (and that the ballpark helps him), look for another repeat yet consistent performance from Lowe without spending much.

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    I would take beckett Beckett might have had a lucky year but hes a good pitcher on a good team that is not injury prone and has good defense and offense to back him up.

    Lowe is risky. Hes on the dodgers who are also on a good team but lowe hasnt really had a good history and is injury prone u know if u drop beckett and decide u want lowe i can guarantee u that beckett will be taken off waivers the day after u drop him

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    Pick up Beckett. He has more upside. He should have a decent ERA (just under 4,) and has a better team so he should get more wins. The only thing I would worry about is Beckett also is injury prone. And may be on the dl in the next month.

    I say the upside is better go with Beckett

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    i dont like beckett in the AL especially in the East. i would go with lowe, i think he is the safer pick and plays in a weaker league and division. i think he is a lock for another 16 win year.

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    here are some projected stats:

    Beckett: 15W, 11L,176K,4.30ERA

    Lowe: 16W, 11L, 130K, 3.88ERA

    so, basically i'd choose accordingly based on whether ERA or Ks will help you more as otherwise its a wash.

    I like Lowe though.

    Source(s): Street and Smiths
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