about james morrison...?

can anybody tell me about james morrison coz i've falling in love with this guy after heard his song...i luv it!!

best answer will got 10 point....

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    James Morrison is one of the best Brit musicians and I definately don't blame you for loving him! i'm a toughie, but his song "the pieces don't fit anymore" makes me soggy faced- i just love to feel music. He's gonna be a legend so i suggest his fans need to stick to him till the end! Anyway, i'd suggest these links. don't know if the first one work but if it does not, i suggest you sign up to get access to download his music - live, demos, b-sides etc.


    check out his bio:




    some lyrics:


    His BIO from his MySpace page:


    It's always really difficult to describe your music to people. It's pretty much guitar blues and soul but listen to 'Better Man' and make up your own mind.

    I grew up on artists like Otis Redding, Al Green, Cat Stevens, The Kinks and Van Morrison. I always loved songs where the singer would sing with real soul, like they really believed in what they were singing about. Those are the kinds of songs that really stayed with me. I can't sing a song about something I don't believe in.

    I was born in Rugby in 1984 and moved around a bit through Northampton and Derby until we eventually stopped and settled in a little village called Porth in Cornwall.

    My Uncle used to play the guitar and watching him made me want to learn. I remember him showing me a blues riff which got me started. Id listen to tunes on the radio and try to learn to play and sing along to them. I was about thirteen at this point.

    I found that singing and playing guitar was a way for me to release any frustration I had at the time. Not that I couldn't express myself any other way, just that music has a more powerful way of doing it. I like being creative but it took me a few years of playing other people's stuff before I could create my own style of songwriting.

    Thanks for visiting my MySpace page. I hope you enjoy my music and if you liked the stuff on here and want to hear more, come out to one of the shows as that's where I really go for it.



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    James Morrison (born James Morrison Catchpole on July 10, 1984) is an English singer/songwriter born in Rugby, Warwickshire.

    In 2006 he debuted with the single "You Give Me Something" which became a huge hit around Europe, Australia and Japan. His debut album, Undiscovered, went straight to number one in the UK and has sold more than 2 million copies worldwide (as of March 24, 2007).

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