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When republican, Condi Rice, said Canadian drugs were unsafe, did anyone else want to kick their TV?

As today's Republicans aften do, they defended their love of corporate riches over the needs of the common citizen.


Relative (below) You do know that Canada's drugs are made in the USA and bargained for at approx 35% lower costs don't you?

Update 2:

p_i_gray (below) You do know that I drive a Toyota Avalon made in America. Yet still considered a Japanese vehicle right? Their specs came with the plant.

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    Unless you have a reference to something I don't....

    I think the actual quote was "Canadian drugs are not tested as extensively." Not "Canadian drugs are unsafe".

    Like I said, unless you have a specific reference that you would like to cite.

    {edit} Chi Guy.... you do know most pharmaceutical companies manufacture drugs in Canada, the US, Europe (multiple locations) Asia (multiple locations).

    Manufacturing them in the US under US FDA guidlines then shipping them to Canada would be fiscally ignorant.

    {edit} Read again.... assembled in America. Still made in Japan and the profit go to Japanese companies.

    Drug manufacturing is different then auto manufacturing. I thought ou would know that.

    And no, I didn't know that you drive an Avalon... is that common knowledge?

  • Nicki
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    That's not true at all, they don't want to get drugs from Canada because the price saving is so enormous. You can get K Dur in Canada for about The 6th of the price you pay in USA. The Republicans work with Drug Companies, the more the drug companies make the more help the Admin. gets. The drug companies have a new place call RX Outreach $20.00 for 90 day supply or $30. 00 for a 90 day supply according to the drug you use, it is fantastic saving. Look on, they have a applicant and you will be amazed and it is supplied by all the American Drug Companies. Most all generics. Look it up they even pay all s/h cost. You have a your doctors prescription., also they'll give you refills if your doctor puts them down.

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    Do we know whether or not Canada uses as stringent testing controls as the FDA when testing drugs? That could very well be the basis of her comments.

    While I agree drug companies are pretty much about the 'riches' to be made, look at effect on them when a product, which takes years to develop, fails or is pulled from the market. It can be a crap shoot, from a financial perspective.

    I'm not defending drug company practices, nor do I believe that a Canandian manufacturer doesn't undergo the same financial crap shoot, nor should any US drug manufacturer be given an unfair advantage in drug development.

    It's the testing standard that should come under scrutiny.

  • Dina W
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    Okay, the majority of the drugs in the world, are made here in America.

    How expensive do you think research is for a new drug? The rest of the world does not, or will not pay for what we have to, so once again Americans are paying for the world

    The thing is, people in other countries need the drugs, it is not as if the US could deny them the drugs, so we are stuck paying for everyone else to be healthy.

    Perhaps if other country's paid their fair share, the price would be better. But that is not going to happen.

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    I do not think this is a political issue. She may have gone too far in saying they were unsafe. However, I believe than a Democratic administration would have upheld the ban on foreign drugs. If this is due to lobbying by drug companies you can bet that both parties are being lobbied.

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    Tax the rich much more and they will fire you. Most people work for a rich person. Why do you think employment is at an all time low. Tax cuts allowed rich people to hire others. I live in a republican county and the unemployment rate is only 3.2. Try getting that in a Democrat county.

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    Why kick your poor, innocent TV?

    Given the right opportunity, you could redirect your kick much more productively. And it would probably hurt your foot less.


    To the person who talked about how drug companies need to spend on R&D: their inSANE profits are calculated AFTER R&D. Thus, they are racking in huge piles of dough AFTER subtracting ALL of their costs.

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    It's idiotic. Yes, Canadians are dying in droves from the inferior quality of their drugs, haven't you heard? I find Condi to be a horrible representation of women in government, it's embarrassing to watch her be Bush's mouthpiece and let that drivel come out of her mouth.

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    We pay, on average, 3x higher than the rest of the world for prescription medications.

    We pay 3x higher because politicians take soft money from pharmaceutical companies to ensure that we pay more than they're worth.

    There's really not a politician alive that I believe at face value. It's kinda like being a cop....only certain types of people look to become a politician in the first place.

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    Go move to Canada...



    Ta Ta

    If you like canada

    go be CANADIAN!

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