Whats the best loads for a Kimber 1911 cambered in .45 ACP?


It is a kimber 1911 warrior edition

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    Bound's hubby here:

    It really depends on the model you purchase. If your Kimber is a stock 1911 or a combat model 1911, .45 Hardball (230 grain FMJ) would be the wisest load. If the feed ramp and the barrel have been "throated" you can fire jacketed hollow points. If you are using this pistol for self-defense, put at least five or six boxes of your preferred ammo through the gun to insure feeding reliability before you trust your life on it. The last thing you want is to select a type of ammo that will jam your pistol. Personally, I would rely on Hardball for self-defense.

    If your Kimber is a target model, this is where you have to be cautious about your ammo selection. If your Kimber was built and sold as a Hardball target pistol, you want to use hardball ammo exclusively. If your Kimber was built and sold as a wadcutter target pistol, you want to shoot lighter recoiling semi-wadcutter ammo exclusively. The reason being is that the Hardball guns have an 18 pound or heavier recoul spring. Lighter recoiling wadcutter guns usually have either 14 pound or 16 pound recouil springs. The spring is matched to the load fired.

    If you mismatch the ammo and spring you face two significant problems. The first problem, hardball loads with a light recoil springs will batter your pistol (causing damage to the pistol). If you fire wadcutter loads with a heavy recoil spring, you will face functioning problems which could include:

    1. Smoke-stack jam caused by the slid short cycling

    2. Failure to eject due to short cycling

    3. Failure to feed due to short cycling.

    If you are not certain what catergory (target or non-target) your Kimber falls into. Contact Kimber for clarification and their ammo recommendtion.

    Good luck.

    Source(s): Master Class competitive rifleman Expert Class competitive pistol shot Reloader of over 124,000 rounds Over 30 years of firearms and reloading experience.
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    My all around load favorite load was 5.1gr of ww231 under a H&G 68 200gr. swc. lit up by Federal primers. When ww231 was not available 4.9 gr of bullseye work the same. Although ww231 burns cleaner.

    For all around protection or carry 200gr CorBons and there is nothing wrong with good old 230gr ball. Specially when you have to get to the other side of a door or other cover.

    For keeping in your house Glaser is the way to go or maybe stagger your magazine with two or three Glasers first and the rest 230gr ball.

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    1 decade ago

    Plinking - anything cheap from a factory. I have good experience with 230 gr Wolf FMJ.

    Defense - a modern 230 gr JHP is the standard answer. Make sure it cycles reliably in your pistol.

    Personally, I just load up my plinking ammo (FMJ) for defense. I really doubt it'll make a difference after I put a few shots center-mass, and at least I know it hasn't jammed in a few thousand rounds.

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    depends. you probably won't be shooting many corbons for target practice, unless you have a big budget. for self defense, corbons are great to keep in the magazine.

    any major manufacturer will be fine. look for deals and buy in bulk.

    better yet, look into buying or finding a used reloader.

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  • 1 decade ago

    Mine likes to chew up Corbons..

  • 1 decade ago

    230gr FMJ pistol ball

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