Alice Academy/Gakuen Alice?

Wats Mikan's alice?

and wats the others students alice? um... like Natsume, Ruka, Hotaru, Narumi-sensei, Tobita and etc. Cant remember all the names.....


How is the ending of the manga and anime of this story??????

Update 2:

Which episode did Mikan found out her alice???

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    good day. (:

    here are there alices :

    mikan sakura- the power to nullify the Alice of others

    natsume hyuuga-alice of fire

    ruka nogi-animal pheromone

    hotaru imai-her alice is that of Invention

    narumi - human pheromone

    yuu tobita-Alice of Illusion

    nonoko ogasawara-alice of Chemistry and likes to experiment with dangerous chemicals

    anna-alice of cooking and makes up various dishes for her friends

    yome kokoro-alice of reading a person's mind and repeating them out loud

    tsubasa andou- alice of manipulating shadows

    misaki harada- doppelganger alice

    sono kagame- the Alice of placing souls into stuffed animals (or making stuffed animals come to life)

    Youichi Hijiri- alice of using summoning bad spirits

    Sumire Shoda- has a dog-cat Alice which gives her enhanced smell and hearing capabilities, as well as making her sprout cat whiskers and dog ears and promoting the desire to walk on all fours

    In the story there are many types of Alices. The five main types of Alices are:

    Laten Ability- Alices that are super powers (flying, mind reader, illusion, etc)

    Technical - Alices that are based on technology and research fields (drawings, stuffed animals, invention)

    Somatic type- Alices based on the body of humans, animals, and other living things (animal pheromone, voice pheromone, dog ears);

    Special Ability Types - Alices that don't exactly fit in the three types of Alices above; and

    Dangerous Ability Types - Alices that may be one of the above but are considered dangerous.

    Every Alice is of one of four shapes, that specify how much of it can be used and how often.

    Childhood Alice: They start out as an Alice but grow up to be an ordinary adult.

    Diffuse: The Alice is always available, but at a relatively low power level.

    Intermittent: The Alice can only be used for a short period at any time, but at a relatively high power level.

    Limitless: The Alice can be used as often and as much as desired, but each use impacts against the user's own life and can kill them if overused.

    mikan knew about her alice on episode 2

    its ending focuses more on mikan and hotaru's friendship and being happy (:

    find more about it in this site (:

    hope i helped (:

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    Mikan' alice is the nullifying alice-special ability type. Natsume is the dangerous ability. Hotaru; latent. Sumire; somatic, and blabla.. The ending of the anime is the how touching is Mikan and Hotaru's friendship blabla. Help you a little?

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    mikan- nullification

    natsume- fire

    ruka- animal pheromone

    hotaru- invention

    narumi- human pheromone

    sumire- cat/dog transformation

    yuu tobita- illusion

    nonoko- chemistry

    kokoro- mind reading

    tsubasa- shadow manipulation

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    mikan found her power at the second esp..

    hope that this is useful..

    good night and have a sweet dream..


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    i don't know for sure but it's worth a try...key in gaken alice then look for the results..hehehe

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