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Are there any mainstream celebrities who publicaly and strongly support the Republican Party?

I was curious to this as I can't think of any.

Any of the non-liberal politically active celebrities who I can think of off hand, such as Kurt Russell for example, are strong libertarians and not conservatives.

But, can anyone name for me some mainstream celebrities who are strong supporters of the Republican Party or President Bush's administration and support them publicly?

And I'm not talking about Country music stars or Ted Nugent. Someone like a Hollywood celebrity, famous singer, etc. etc

Thanks for your replies

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    Arnold Swartzaneger

    Bruce Willis-tried to enlist and called the President for an age waiver.

    Charleston Heston

    Chuck Norris

    Adam Baldwin (not Alec Baldwin)

    Heather Graham

    Curt Schilling

    Dale Murphy

    Don King

    Bill Cosby

    Dennis Miller

    Brett Favre

    I am sure there are several more.

    Edit-I found this list of conservative celeberties

    Danny Aiello (Act)

    Kim Alexis (Act)

    Denise Austin (Sports)

    Alan Autry (Act/Fresno,CA Mayor)

    Bob Backlund (Wrestler/Pol. candidate)

    "Sir" Charles Barkley (Sports)

    Jeff "Skunk" Baxter (Music)

    Orson Bean (Act)

    Catherine Bell (Act)

    Belamy Brothers (Music)

    Tom Beringer (Act)

    Jan Berry of "Jan and Dean" (Music)

    Clint Black (Music)

    Lisa Hartman Black (Act)

    Ernest Borgnine (Act)

    Bruce Boxleitner (Act)

    George Brett (Sports)

    Jack Buck (Sports)

    Jim Bunning (Sports/KY US Senator)

    Delta Burke (Act)

    Kirk Cameron (Act)

    Drew Carey (Act) (Libertarian)

    Dixie Carter (Act)

    Nell Carter (Act)

    Harry Wayne "K.C." Casey of "KC and the Sunshine Band" (Music)

    Tom Clancy (Author)

    Harry Connick Jr (Music/Act) (Democrat)

    Robert Conrad (Act)

    Charlie Daniels (Music)

    Tony Danza (Act)

    Doris Day (Act)

    Bo Derek (Act)

    C.C. Deville (Music)

    Mike Ditka (Sports)

    Shannon Doherty (Act)

    Jerry Doyle (Act/Pol. cand.)

    Fred Dryer (Sports/Act)

    Leslie Easterbrook (Act)

    Clint Eastwood (Act) (Libertarian)

    Buddy Ebsen (Act)

    John Elway (Sports)

    Chad Everett (Act)

    Brett Favre (Sports)

    Glenn Ford (Act)

    Haden Fry (Sports)

    John Gavin (Act/fmr. Amb. to Mexico)

    Crystal Gayle (Music)

    Sarah Michelle Gellar (Act)

    Joe Gibbs (Sports)

    Mel Gibson (Act)

    Melissa Gilbert (Act)

    Clarence Gilyard (Act)

    Rev. Billy Graham (Religious)

    Kelsey Grammar (Act)

    Fred Grandy (Act/Fmr. IA Congressman)

    Merle Haggard (Music)

    George Hamilton (Act)

    Paul Harvey (Radio)

    Patricia Heaton (Act)

    Charlton Heston (Act)

    Catherine Hicks (Act)

    Hal Holbrook (Act)

    Bob Hope (Act)

    Dennis Hopper (Act)

    Susan Howard (Act)

    Dale Jarrett (Sports)

    Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson (Wrestler/Act)

    Jimmy Johnson (Sports)

    Christine Jones

    Shirley Jones (Act)

    Jeff Kent (Sports)

    Bobby Knight (Sports)

    Yaphet Kotto (Act)

    Steve Largent (Sports/OK Congressman & future Governor)

    John Larroquette (Act) (questionable)

    Tommy Lasorda (Sports)

    Jerry "The King" Lawler (Wrestler/Act/Pol. cand.)

    Al Leiter (Sports)

    Meat Loaf (Music/Act)

    Anne Lockhart (Sports)

    Heather Locklear (Act)

    Mike Love (Music)

    George Lucas (Director) (questionable)

    David Lynch (Director)

    Loretta Lynn (Music)

    Norm MacDonald (Act)

    Karl "The Mailman" Malone (Sports)

    Barbara Mandrell (Music)

    Louise Mandrell (Music)

    Jackie Mason (Comedian/Act)

    Johnny Mathis (Music)

    Charles McCord (of Imus In the Morning)

    Reba McEntire (Music/Act)

    Bernard McGuirk (of Imus In the Morning)

    Don McLean (Music)

    Linda McMahon (Sports)

    Gerald McRaney (Act)

    Al Michaels (Sports)

    John Milius (Director)

    Lorrie Morgan (Music)

    Julianne Morris (Act)

    Wendy Moten (Music)

    Jim Nabors (Act)

    Wayne Newton (Act)

    Chuck Norris (Act)

    Ted Nugent (Music)

    Gary Numan (Music)

    The Oak Ridge Boys (Music)

    Mike Oldfield (Music)

    Gary Oldman (Act)

    Tom Osborne (Sports/now NE Congressman)

    Ken Osmond (Act)

    Marie Osmond (Music/Act)

    Fess Parker (Act)

    Jameson Parker (Act)

    Joe Paterno (Sports)

    Joe Pesci (Act)

    Richard Petty (Sports/Pol. cand.)

    Regis Philbin (Act)

    John Popper (Music)

    Laura Prepon (Act)

    Nancy Davis Reagan (Act/First Lady)

    Ronald Reagan (Act/Governor/President)

    Dana Rohrabacher (CA Congressman)

    Roseanne (Act)

    Kurt Russell (Act) (Libertarian)

    Pat Sajak (Act)

    Pete Sampras (Sports)

    Rick Schroeder (Act)

    Jon Secada (Music)

    Tom Selleck (Act)

    Paul Shanklin (Satirist)

    Ricky Skaggs (Music)

    Paul Sorvino (Act)

    Robert Stack (Act)

    Nancy Stafford (Act)

    Ben Stein (Act)

    George Steinbrenner (Sports)

    Shirley Temple-Black (Act/fmr. Ambassador)

    Dave Thomas (Act) (SCTV, not Wendy's)

    Fred Thompson (Act/TN US Senator)

    Dean Torrance of "Jan and Dean" (Music)

    Joe Torres (Sports)

    Travis Tritt (Music)

    Janine Turner (Act)

    Val Venis (Wrestler)

    Jimmy (J.J.) Walker (Act/Radio)

    Darrell Waltrip (Sports)

    Julius Caesar "J.C." Watts, Jr. (Sports/OK Congressman)

    Patrick Wayne (Act)

    Ann Wedgeworth (Act)

    Lisa Whelchel (Act)

    Reggie White (Sports)

    Cindy Williams (Act)

    Hank Williams Jr. (Music)

    Ted Williams (Sports)

    Martha Williamson (Producer)

    Noble Willingham (Act/Pol. cand.)

    Bruce Willis (Act)

    Tiger Woods (Sports)

    BeBe Wynans (Music)

    CeCe Wynans (Music)

    ZZ Top (Music)

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    Arnold Schwarzenegger

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    God Almighty.

    Not a Country music star, not Ted Nugent, not Kurt Russell.

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    Arnold Schwarzenegger, Governor of California

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    I think Dennis Miller is Republican, but his views are pretty libertarian, as you say.

    Trey Parker and Matt Stone were Republicans, but they officially defected to "undeclared" a couple of years ago.


    Libertarianism is much closer to true conservatism and the origins of the Republican party than the cronyistic, moral watchdog stuff that you see today.

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    Bruce Willis is a devout Republican, as well as Charlton Heston and dead stars would include Ronald Regan

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    heres a great video of Evan Sayet, he explains the grey list in hollywood in the middle of a great speech. a little long but well worth it.

    if you consider wresling a sport John Bradshaw Layfield is a conservative talk radio host that is involved with WWE

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    1 decade ago

    Who cares either way? They are not politicans, just public figures who entertain us. People need to make informed choices, not mouth off about the Dixie Chicks and Rosie.

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    1 decade ago

    I think bruce willis is?

    that's all I got...

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    i know curt schilling is .o and chuck norris

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