why should teacher learn and understand the concept and principle of child development?

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    This is really important in deciding and driving instruction. There are some things that may be developmentally difficult at certain ages. (Of course, this isn't the case for every child. I have one of those "brainy" kids that started reading at the age of 3; At 6, she's a piano prodigy... My 4 1/2 old could care less about anything academic!)

    This is where the teacher steps in and decides if that particular concept or method of teaching is at a comfortable, practical instructional level or frustrating for a student of a particular age. (An extreme example would be teaching college-level philosophy to a 7th grader. They haven't had the life experiences or developed some of the abstract thinking needed to understand.)

    I see that as a problem in math education today... we are trying to push our kids further and faster when we should be delving deeper into concepts and providing authentic experiences to enhance their learning. (Depth, not breadth.) Developmentally, most kids are not ready for many of the concepts we are told to "force" down their throats.

    Countries that have successful math programs and students tend to have fewer objectives to cover in one year (but more depth) and their textbooks are much thinner. American schools have the thickests textbooks in the world. (Money and publishing companies???)

    Does that answer your question? <wink, wink>

    Mon :-)

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    A teacher should have the ability to comprehend a child's learning attitudes (why a child is disgruntled with a subject, why is he not registering certain concepts,why he is in a mood of repetition only..e.t.c).It not only makes a teacher nearer to the child's inner needs but helps the teacher to be loved and respected in return for his concern and understanding.For more info the following website and its Professional Development Courses may help http://www.brainconnection.com.

    The greatest book to read on this topic in my point of view would be "The Absorbent Mind by Dr.Maria Montessori".

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    You not need to teach, if, you not understand this. You not understand the mind set of a child.

    Example: I love this one with children. Take a tall glass and a short one. Take a measuring cup and let them see you fill and pour equal amounts of water into each glass. Then ask which glass have the most water. Do you know what 98% will say? Do you know why? You can learn, a real teacher is always learning, not striking for more pay. The real teacher knew the pay from the start and have the "Real" intelligence to use what they paid.

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    I fully agree with Monica, your a smart woman! Basically it come down to that point. You have to understand how children grow and how they learn at the different steps in order to truely develope a constructive cirriculum. You have to know where they have been and where they are going in order to teach them now...... or else they just get confused and loose the that precious time that is early education.

    Source(s): BS in early childhood development, Master in child psych and currently working on a doctorate in this field as well
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    so they can be a better teacher

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