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What should I do before the season to improve my team?

Heres my team:

Brian Mccann


Derekk Lee


Placido Palonco


Miguel Cabrera


Hanley Ramirez


Andruw Jones


Carl Crawford


Bobby Abreu


BN Jose Lopez

BN Paul Loduca

BN Delon Young

BN Dave Roberts

BN Mike Lowell

BN Aaron Rowand

SP Chuck James

SP Kevin Millwood

RP Mariano Rivera

RP Tom Gordon

P Josh Johnson

P Adam Wainwright

P Salomón Torres

What should I do to improve my team? which players should I start? thanks

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    okay lets go player by player on this one

    c- mcann is the best power option at catcher this year and hits for a decent average...top3 in league

    1b- lee ...i expect him to be comeback player of the year ....regaining old form hitting 30/100/.310 and stealing around 20 as welll...will do exceptionally well in that lineup of chicago seeing as he will hit behind soriano and aram should see alot of pitches due to those 2 protecting him in that lineup

    2b- polanco hits for average and thats about it but thats good as well because average is important and he can really contribute in that category

    3b- cabrera is a great young hitter in florida that will hit between 30-35homers/100/.310-.320 and he is consistent so you know what you are getting from the start

    ss- ramirez had a breakout year last year and i dont expect him to go away either...great speed threat should bag about 50 and for his positoin decent power hitting about 15 homers as well...average though will hang around .270

    of- andruw jones is entering a contract year and i expect big things out of him...could explode for 50 homers this year for incentives but average is around .260ish

    of- crawford is pure speed and could steal most in majors this year around 50-60 and has found a bit of a power stroke as well turning some triples into homers and any power is a plus...also hits for good average as well

    of- abreu is a stud in a sense that he wil get ya 20+/110/.310 and steal around 20 in that lineup will get plenty of pitches to hit so power should come back for abreu


    bn- lopez is overlooked by many but drove in most rbis last year for 2b in al expect a repeat of stats with minor improvements

    bn- lo duca had a tremendous average last year but i expect a bit of a drop off this year but still good offensively in that lineup

    bn- delmon young is supposed to do great i see a 20/80/.290 and even steal some this year as well

    bn- roberts is good for speed and thats it...will steal close to 40 again this year

    bn- lowell has slumped in spring thus far...but capable of pulling it out later...eventually some of those doubles will turn into homeruns for him

    bn- rowand is losing his touch quickly could be traded by end of spring

    sp- chuck james is a GREAT sleeper pick which i will provide a list of below he has kept era around 1 this spring and i expect him to produce like that all season long for atlanta braves

    sp- millwood should not be your number 2 starter...era rised partly in due to the texas air and i dont expect that number to come down....

    rp- mo is the best simply put good for 35-40 saves this year as usual

    rp- gordon is a quality closer good for 30 saves or so as well in philly

    p- johnson is hurt as of right now but if he returns healthy can make difference in your rotation

    p- wainwright is another GREAT sleeper pick cus he too has kept era at .95 this spring which is phenominal in 5 starts and i see him doing that in st louis all yera long as well

    p- torres wont get more than 25 saves in pitt

    your lineup has a GREAT mix of speed and power and average throughout the entire thing...you know your going to get ya sb from lee, ramirez, crawford, abreu and roberts which is more than plenty...you also have good power through out in mcann, lee, cabrera, jones, and abreu so your fine there and for average you got mcann, lee, polanco, cabrera, crawford, and abreu to pull you through...i should tell you that you do not have a util at the moment though

    and might i suggest a list of sleepers worth looking at

    c- iannetta who could have breakout year

    1b- adrian gonzalez who will hit around 30+homers

    2b- ty wigginton who can hit the deep ball and is eligible at multiple positions

    3b- iwamura who will hit for average

    ss- troy tulowitzki will as well have a breakout year at ss in colorado

    of- chris duncan will hit around 30 homers this year

    of- jonny gomes will hit alot of hw as well if healthy

    of- brad hawpe is good for around 20 homers in colorado

    util- nick markakis is going to have a stellar year for baltimore this kid is here to stay

    as for your rotation it is decent at best...you have no proven top notch starters i suggest trading one of your many power hitters for a starter or packing delmon young and roberts for a good starter....your rp is all set though barring any injury of course....

    heres a list of sleeper pitchers worth looking at

    sp- chuck james who has kept his era this spring around 1 in 5 starts will be stellar in atlanta this year...beat me to it lol

    sp- clay hensley who has a good k rate should do fine in sd if healthy

    rp- mike gonzalez will end up closer by yeras end over wickman

    rp- valverde could shock alot of people has kept ball down this yera and could save around 30 games

    p- wainwright who also has kept era around 1 this spring...beat me to it lol

    p- jeremy sowers who proved he could pitch in cleveland last year shall repeat again thsiy ear

    p- westbrook is consistent as they come

    other than that good team

    hope i helped

    goodluck and have fun!!!

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    Damn man not bad. You've got both power and speed in your lineup. I've got Derek Lee too on my team and if he stays healthy he's gonna tear it up again this year. Your pitching could be better and a second base change needs to be taken into consideration.

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