Viking History books?

I want to study the era of the Vikings. Does anyone know of any good history books about that time period that are available now. Adult level ones please.

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    These are some useful works which survey the Viking world and would provide an introduction:

    Adams, Jonathan, and Katherine Holman, eds, Scandinavia and Europe. 800–1350 (Turnhout, 2004)

    Bartlett, Robert, The Making of Europe: Conquest, Colonisation & Cultural Change, 950–1350 (London, 1993)

    Graham-Campbell, James, & Dafydd Kidd, The Vikings (London, 1980)

    Graham-Campbell, James, The Viking World (London, 1980)

    Farrell. R.T., The Vikings (London & Chichester, 1982)

    Foote, Peter, The Viking Achievement (London, 1970)

    Forte, A., Pedersen, F., and Oram, R, Viking Empires (Cambridge, 2005)

    Helle, Knut, The Cambridge History of Scandinavia (Cambridge, 2003)

    Logan, Donald, The Vikings in History (London, 1983)

    Randsborg, K., The First Millennium AD in Europe and the Mediterranean (1991)

    Roesdahl, E., The Vikings (London, 1998)

    Sawyer, P.H., Kings and Vikings (London & New York, 1983)

    Wilson, David M, The Vikings and their Origins (London, 1980)

    The simplest introductions to topics are very often provided in historical atlases, many of which provide a brief synopsis to accompany the relevant maps. Several are shelved in the Library's basement, but the following may prove especially useful:

    Haywood, John and Swanston Graphics Limited, The Penguin Historical Atlas of the Vikings (London, 1995)

    Mackay, Angus & Ditchburn, David, Atlas of Medieval History (London & New York, 1997)

    You will also find useful material in two encyclopedias:

    Pulsiano, Philip D., ed., Medieval Scandinavia: an Encyclopedia (New York, 1993)

    Strayer, Joseph Reese, ed., Dictionary of the Middle Ages, 13 volumes (New York, 1982)

    There is a bibliography of Viking studies, go to this for much more in-depth information on what is available.

    Syrett, Martin, Scandinavian History in the Viking Age (Cambridge, 2004)

    The best general selection of primary sources for the Vikings and their world (apart from our own tutorial readings book) can be found in:

    Page, R. I., trans., Chronicles of the Vikings: Records, Memorials, and Myths (London, 1995)

    Primary sources useful on specific topics:


    Adam of Bremen, History of the Archbishops of Hamburg-Bremen (New York, 2002)

    Rimbert, Anskar, the Apostle of the North, trans. Charles Robinson (London, 1921)


    Whitelock, Dorothy, trans., English Historical Documents, c.500–1042 (London, 1955)


    Reuter, Timothy, trans., The Annals of Fulda (Manchester, 1992)


    Mac Airt, Seán, and Gearóid Mac Niocaill, ed and trans., The Annals of Ulster (Dublin, 1983)

    Christiansen, Reidar, The Vikings and the Viking Wars in Irish and Gaelic Tradition (Oslo, 1931)


    Pritsak, Omeljan The Origin of Rus (Cambridge, Mass., 1981)

    Sagas and Norse poetry

    The Sagas of the Icelanders (London, 2000)

    Hallberg, Peter, Old Icelandic Poetry: Eddic Lay and Skaldic verse (Lincoln, NE, 1975)


    Anderson, Alan Orr, trans., Early Sources of Scottish History, 2 vols (Edinburgh, 1922

    Source(s): Aberdeen University
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    Monc (your first answerer) has it, if the book he's referring to is the one called 'The Vikings' by Gwyn Jones it's as dry as chips - but seems to be thorough and accurate

    You might have a look at the 'Atlas of the Vikings' (link below), particularly useful as what we know and appreciate about the Vikings is what they did on their travels.

    You might also follow up the early history of the Normans, and how they derived from Rollo and his band of Vikings that used to plunder up the Seine, until 'bought off' by the French with a grant of land on the north coast.

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    Viking Age Iceland (Penguin History) (Paperback)

    by Jesse L. Byock (Author) "Njal's Saga begins with a famous vignette that highlights issues explored in this book..." (more)

    Average rating by customers 4.5 stars

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    There's a penguin book (I think. That or Oxford) titled "the Vikings". I found it alittle dry but chockful of information.

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    You maybe like the viking sagas I found it on youtube

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