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thyroid nodules? good tsh?

had thyroid ultrasound yesterday. they found 3 nodules. I see endo 4/4. I have gained 40# in 1 yr (25 since January), am tired, depressed, and cranky. my tsh .99--which is good. i had seen my gp, my ob/gyn, psych, and they said it was early menopause (i'm 33 and have periods), endometriosis (didn't perform test, and I have no fertility problem--3 kids), and severe depression (possible). None of those solutions worked. So I then went to an endocrinologist on a whim. she felt nodules and ordered a pelvic and thyroid ultrasound. pelvic was fine. thyroid had 3 nodules. so, now i'm waiting for appointment and wondering a) what specifically is wrong, b) what the treatment will be and c) why no one else caught this, but mostly a and b. I want to add that the radiology tech told me the nodules were very large (nice of her, wasn't it?) and that I have been having a very difficult time swallowing in the last 6 mos. Pls answer a and b if you think you can--or have ideas or experiences to share.

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    thyroid is no joke believe me. My mother had it, she passed at the age of 47. I'm now going to be 30 and they just diagnosed me as having hypothyroid. that's the one that makes it hard for you to loose weight. the other is hyperthyroid, theese are the people that can't keep weight on, (lucky them huh?) Your doctor will probly give you medication, usually synthroid mine is moderate and i'm on 50mcg, 1 tablet daily. I can tell you this though, even though you will have to be on it for the rest of your life, if they diagnose you correctly you will loose weight very quickly with this pill. I was 250+ lbs. and now I am 156 and loosing every day. Plus I am no longer as tired as I was, still a little though due to other health issues. Good Luck and God Bless.....

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    Here is a good site.

    First of all, remember that the vast majority of thyroid nodules are benign. Next, the nodule should be evaluated by a physician who is comfortable with this problem.

    They will probably do a fine needle biopsy, and other test to determine if it is cancer.

    They may give your thyroid hormones to try to suppress the growth or they may remove just the nodules. If it is cancer the most conservative approach is to have the thyroid removed, and be on thyroid hormone medication the rest of your life. I had my thyroid removed because of cancer.

    This still doesn't explain your tiredness, depression and crankiness unless the thyroid is causing sleep apnea (breathing problems). You TSH is normal, and unless you have a pituitary problem your thyroid is putting out the right amount of hormones.

    Sleep apnea occurs when the upper airway becomes completely or partially blocked, interrupting regular breathing for short periods of time. It can cause severe daytime sleepiness, and evidence is building that left untreated, severe sleep apnea may be associated with high blood pressure and risk for stroke and heart attack.

  • following the ultrasound and depending on whether the nodules appear as "hot" or "cold," the may extract a sample directly from the nodule. that's what they did to my sister who had a nodule on her thyroid. apparently, they're not that uncommon and if malignant, the recovery rate is above average. we used to joke that if it was cancer, it was one of the best to have...anyway, i'm not a doctor, just sharing an experience. definitely follow up on those nodules closely, be sure to call the doctor's office for results...don't wait for them to call you, be PROACTIVE.

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