Any interesting topics for an essay on presidential elections?

I have a really easy class on presidential elections, and I need to write a paper for it, on literally any topic; any ideas?

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    OK, let's imagine that Secretary of State Condaleezza Rice accepts the Republican nomination for President. How would this change the typical dynamic of Presidential elections?

    For example, wouldn't Condi take a lot of women and black voters away from the Democratic party? Wouldn't that cause the Democrats to substantially adjust their party platform for the elections? Couldn't this force the Democrats to try tactics they have never used before, since for once they cannot automatically count on 80% and more of the black vote.

    Who should Condi choose as a running mate? Should it be someone like Former Speaker of the House, Newt Gingrich, or should she really break tradition and find a suitable woman to run as her V.P.?

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    1 decade ago

    1. Why most people in the US do not participate in the election process?

    2. Abolishment of the Electoral College.

    3. Does the Vice Presidential Candidate help or hinder a ticket (or does that person really matter to the public)?

    4. Does party affiliation really matter?

    Hope those help!

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    I have done papers on Woman political candidates (history / chance of voter approval of a woman presidential candiates. The benefits and disadvangtages of third political parties such as the Independent, Reform,Greenback, etc. The benefits of election primaries vs. caucuses. How much do presidential candidates keep their election promises when elected.

    Source(s): college classes.
  • 1 decade ago

    The effect of the Iowa caucus on the Presidential race and the way it broke Howard Dean in 2004.

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    I would say either changing or eliminating the electoral college or examine voting patterns of various demographic groups and why they vote as they do...... You'd be surprised!

  • Anonymous
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