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Hows My Fantasy Baseball Team?

C: Joe Mauer (starter)

Johhny Estrada(BN)

1B: David Ortiz (starter)

2B: Freddy Sanchez (starter)

Jose Castillo (BN)

3B: Chipper Jones (starter)

Brandon Inge (Util starter)

Morgan Ensberg (BN)

SS: Edgar Renteria (starter)

Jack Wilson (BN)

OF: Jermaine Dye

Tori Hunter

Coco Crisp

Juan Rivera(BN)

SP: Daisuke Matsuzaka (starter)

Bronson Arroyo (starter)

Jon Garland

Jose Contreras

Brad Penny

RP: Mariano Rivera

Mike Gonzalez



im in a 12 team league

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    i really do like ortiz, mauer, and i especially like freddie sanchez...he will do good this year...

    it depends on how many teams are in your league...if this was a 12 team league this is amazing...if this is a 6 team league then sorry to say but you wont do very good... look out for penny garland and contreras...they all have high ERAs in th mid 4s. and they all are low on Ks all sitting in the low to lower-mid 100s.

    diasuke i have a feeling will win at least 15 games this year. but i really cant help you with his ERA or K predictions. he might lose stamina by the end of the year.

    arroyo is a nice #2 SP...he will probably get more wins this year than last. he is high in the Ks and has a solid ERA. but i say pick up a pitcher with a good strikeout rate. your low in that department.

    look out for renteria and chipper...chipper will most likely play only about 100 games this year. and you never know what renteria will do each year.

    and if chipper does have problems then you will have to resort to ensberg and inge who both have AVGs that are terrible.

    look for sleeper picks on the free agency such as edwin encarnacion and mike lowell...but its likely they will be taken.

    jack wilson also is not the best backup for renteria...if renteria is healthy then you wont have problems but if renteria goes down then you will have to look for options via trade or the free agents...pick up a guy now and drop wilson...if oyu ever do have serious problems then you can take sanchez and move his to SS or 3B and then use jose castillo...but castillo will be on the downfall this year...

    so i say your SS and your 3B are your weakest point so pick another up...but you have sanchez as insurance...

    in a 12 man league i give this a 9 out of 10.

    in a 6 man league its about a 5.

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  • 1 decade ago

    How many teams are in the league?

    2b is bad, don't rely on Sanchez to repeat his '06 performance.

    3b looks like the ER, but could be really strong (either by Chipper or Ensberg)

    Great Catchers!

    Marginal SS (find some speed!)

    Dye won't be as good, Hunter should be decent, and Crisp??? Not sure about that guy. Hopefully Rivera will hook you up in the 2nd half.

    Rough SP's. Garland is good for wins, that's it. Contreras, who knows? Penny is decent, Arroyo is good, and Dice-K should be good.

    Nice closers, consider trading Gonzalez for a 2B, SS, or SP.

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  • 1 decade ago

    If your league is a 5x5 league, you will need more stolen bases, more saves and better pitching. Outside of Dice K, your pitching isn't looking that great. For some value starting pitching guys that may not have been drafted, check Boof Bonser, Randy Wolf and maybe even Homer Bailey. You also need saves, try Octaviel Dotel in KC, Jorge Julio in TB, and maybe Solomon Torres in Pittsburgh. For middle relievers that might help you, try Phil Neshek from Minnesota.

    You need steals, but there are a few guys out there you might be able to pick up. Willy Taveras from Col, Chris Duffy from Pittsburgh and maybe Dave Roberts. Maybe some pop in your lineup, Jonny Gomes from TB, Alex Gordon from KC and Jim Edmonds from STL. Granted these guys were probably not drafted, they could be valuable once the season starts. As far as guys to drop, I would drop Jose Castillo, Jack Wilson, Juan Rivera and maybe even Mike Gonzalez.

    With a couple of those additions, I think you will have a more balanced team.

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  • 1 decade ago

    1B: ortiz is a automatic 100+ run, 40+hr, 120+ rbi, and good bat avg.

    2B: Sanchez, NL bat champion, good for bat avg, period.

    3B: Jones, he's good, but way too fragile. probably give you 120 games this season.

    SS: Renteria, he's not what he used to be when he was a Card.

    OF: Dye is good. Hunter is decent, but will hurt your bat avg. Coco crisp... umm, good for breakfast. Better find a better option.

    SP: Matsuzaka will be good, 13+ wins. Arroyo is iffy, plus he pitches in a hitters park. Garland is good for wins and nothing more. Contreras, he makes me laugh... he sucks. Brad Penny is decent if he's healthy.

    RP: Rivera is your best and only closer. Gonzalez is a setup man.

    Your team is not that great. You need two more closers. Pitching staff is bad. See if you can get Maddux or something. Your batting is decent. Sorry, but your team needs help.

    I give it C-

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    1. Lose Edger Renteria, he is a bum.

    2. Make Jon Garland your #1 starter, not Daisuke Matsuzaka, because he has not proven himself yet.

    3. You need more closers.

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  • 1 decade ago

    Your going to do very well but I would switch Ensberg to util and put Inge on the bench

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  • 1 decade ago

    too many offensive bench players. Try to make a few trades and/or FA pickups to shore up your pitching. As it stands, you pitching seems a little weak, though it's always hard to tell how pitching will go from one year to the next.

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  • 1 decade ago

    Your bench is weak and you dont have enough pitching. Dump some of the dead wood and pick up some more closers

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  • Kerry
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    1 decade ago

    You should do very well, baring injuries.

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