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Internet Explorer 7 Or Firefox

Which is the best internet browser in overall Internet Explorer 7 Or Firefox

And the 1 who explains it the best wins 10 points!!!

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    Are u kidding..........Firefox naturally....

    due to the following points:

    1. Fast..............this is very important .......IE 7 is really really slow

    2. Secure..........mybe this is a tie.......both of them are secure...I personally think firefox is more secure.

    3.AddOns themes etc.....If u are a person who thinks highly of optical pleasure then FIREFOX.........It has hundreds of Useful addons themes which makes ur Browser goood to work with and a real eye candy

    I mentioned that from security point of view are the two tie.........but if u install some security addons in firefox....its inpenetrable


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  • 1 decade ago

    I vote Firefox, but I think you should get both (they can live together, you know, and both are free) and try both. Go back and forth. In fact, you need a copy of IE (some release, old or new) to fetch Microsoft Updates because yer ol' pal Microsoft doesn't cooperate *entirely* well with Firefox.

    Reasons for each:

    Firefox: more secure (more built-in protections, less built-in nagging about protected/unprotected websites, less built-in nagging about executables...); more modifiable (just go look at the add-ons library at Firefox and Google and Yahoo!!!); more W3 (web-page-standards) compliant (though, if you're not a website developer, this may not be *strictly* important to you); faster. (Some might say "cooler" and "cuter" but *that* is another world...)

    IE: more "standard"; more compatible with Microsoft updating software; more expected by many online services; more likely to prompt you on leaving and entering secure sites; more "advanced" settings you may futz with; Vista-like interface (the wave of the future, que-no?); built-in "phishing" filter; offline "help" files (Firefox help is only "online")

    I develop websites. I have copies of about 9 browsers (including those two plus Opera plus Netscape...). My habit is to use Firefox

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  • 1 decade ago

    IE7 is crap.

    I realize this is a personal choice now that IE has multi-tabbed browsing as well. Firefox is a decent browser but has plug in issues.

    I've been using Opera 9.something for the last 8 months and I like it. There aren't too many problems (some pages don't display properly, but that is really rare). I've got the plug in support without having to install them myself, and it doesn't crash all the time like IE. It also doesn't ask me to verify something I've told it to do already.

    Additionally, Opera's got a nice "Resume From Last Time" feature that remembers all the tabs you had open when you last closed it. It's customizable, a la Firefox, and Opera has a skin SDK available for download. Further, you can rearrange your tabs (I don't remember being able to do this with Firefox).

    It's got a built in Google search bar and a google shortcut (in the address bar, type "g <search term>" and it'll search google for you). There's a bit torrent client built into it, if you're into that; and the ability to customize search engines within that tool bar.

    Give it a shot.

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  • 1 decade ago

    Firefox all the way, unless your lame company has tied you to web based applications that require IE.

    Firefox and IceWeasel (FF on Debian with copyrighted images removed) is stable and secure. I use a host of add-ins to block Java, Flash and adverts in general, that's what I'm using now. I also use FasterFox to tune it for the high speed (45Mbps) link I have here.

    The company has instructed us not to install IE7 because it doesn't work with the corporate applications. I use it on Vista Ultimate 64 bit on my test machine at home, the 32 bit version seems OK but the 64 bit locked up on the second web site I visited. Other than that I haven't seen any particular problems with IE7, but given their history of making virus gateways and the lack of content control (not giving me an instant ability to permanently deep-six irritating advertisers) I expect I'll continue to use FireFox and IceWeasel most of the time.


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  • 1 decade ago

    I agree Firefox is the bomb! I used to have lots of problems with people hacking into my accounts when I used internet explorer...Firefox is 1 million times better. Make sure after you use your Firefox internet got to "Tools"/"Clear Private Data" & make sure you check cookies on that pop up screen, this ensures that any private data you entered is erased.

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  • 1 decade ago

    FireFox is generally:

    Faster than IE

    Safer than IE (Viruses and spyware are usually created for IE)

    and uses less resources.

    Works with less websites (less functionality, but usually works with most websites)

    IE generally:

    Slower than FireFox

    Prone to more viruses and spyware

    Uses more memory

    Works with more websites (a bit better functionality)

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  • 1 decade ago

    Firefox is better because it has better security, features and its faster...but im sticking with microsoft internet explorer..

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  • 1 decade ago

    Firefox is better than IE 7

    It have some tag problems with IE Specific sites, but if you search around you can gradually get around that

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  • Depends what you like.




    And whatever you download Firefox will have a download list of all the things you've ever downloaded.

    Personally, i would choose Firefox.

    Hope you make the write decision ;-)

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  • 1 decade ago

    simply put firefox.

    1. it is safer

    2. it is smaller

    3. it is not microsoft

    4. it runs on anything (you have to run xp or higher to run ie7)


    it may have a problem with websites that were only designed for ie.

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