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best blonde hair colour to dye over brown dyed hair?

hey i have brown dyed hair and i want to dye it blonde without it going a nasty colour i want to know rather then going to the hair dressers and paying a fortune for blonde hair which is the best blonde dye that covers brown dyed hair and makes it look a decent blonde i live in the uk by the way xxxxxthanksxxxxx

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    As a licensed cosmetologist, it's best to consult with a reputable stylist who specializes in color..once you color your hair darker, it's a challenge to go lighter safely without severely damaging your hair or getting the shade you want. It's taking a chance with your hair when you do it yourself.

    I once saw a client come into the salon with black tinted hair and she wanted it blonde again. The person who was able to transform her hair to blonde was a certified Clairol is the most impossible to reverse...please do not attempt to do it's really worth the money to go to someone who knows what they are doing and will make your color dreams come true.

    Always remember too, once you permanently color or process your hair in any way it is considered damaged. You must do moisturizing treatments to keep your hair it tip top condition. Best Regards..LM

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    Brown And Blonde Hair

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    Ahh okay. It's definatley not "impossible" like everyone is claiming it is. Just last night I dyed my hair with Loreal Paris Les blondissimes Extra light ash blonde. My hair was medium brown to light brown. I followed the directions but kept it on a little bit longer than it said too and my hair turned out a pretty nice blonde! I also bought some blue shampoo to tone down the brassiness which there wasnt much of except with the roots. Soo yeah definatley go with Loreal Paris' Les Blondissimes Extra light Ash blonde!:)

    Oh and my hair doesn't have any green what so ever so I don't think that claim is totally right on, I heard it only goes green when your dying light hair with a dark brown ash or brown ash.

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    Contrary to the above answer, I have had beautiful light golden blond hair over dark brown hair before with no bleach. BUT, you say your brown is dyed, so you are going to have to take into consideration both your natural color and the color you have now, as far as what to do when your roots come in. You will have to do root jobs with blond hair every so often if you don't want to look nasty.

    You have to take into consideration the tones in your hair before picking a color. Do you have red tones, ash tones, neutral tones? Go to Clairol's website:

    Even if you end up using another brand, Clairol has a really good shadefinder on their site that you can use to determine what would be the best colors for you.

    Good luck!

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    Do not do it yourself! Going from brunette to blonde is complicated! If you do it with over the counter bleach you can ruin your hair. If it doesn't ruin your hair it tends to make it an orange brassy color. See, over the counter dye has metallics in it that are deposited into your hair when dying it. That's what they put in it in order to be able to sell it to people who aren't licensed to use professional products. The best thing to do is to spend a few extra dollars on a professional service. It will be way better for you in the long run. If you're really trying to cut back try going to a cosmetology school you can usually get a bleach job there for around 20.00, they do a really good job and everything is supervised by a professional. Hope this helps. Good Luck!!

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    Color will not lift color.

    What that means is that if you apply a blonde color to you hair, you will lift your natural color at the roots & destroy the artificial color at the shaft and ends, resulting in a brassy brown/blonde calico cat color.

    You will not be able to acheive a desirable blond color by plucking a box off the shelf.

    If it were that easy, I'd be out of work. We go to school for a reason.

    P.S. The above suggestion won't work either. Ash=green

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    Yes you can cover up dark hair, I had dark brown dyed hair and I used Loreal Preference les blondiness. Weird name but it works wonders, I hope the sell it in the UK if so try it out!

    Source(s): Been dying my hair for six years :)
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    Use ultra blue its realy great i use it and my friend had dark brown and it turned her hair lite blond the best thing about it you can leave it on as long as you want to reach the shade you want !!!! You can also use born blond its good to you can get these at walmart and cvs

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    if your hair is a very light, fadey sort of brown then i would recomend blonde live. its a really nice blonde color althogh the best thing to do would be to go the hairdressers as the blonde they do is the best

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    you cannot 'cover up' dark hair.

    You will have to bleach it out and then apply a color. If you have red in your hair (natural or otherwise) then you will want to use an ash blonde color after you have bleached it out!

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