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Ynot! asked in Politics & GovernmentPolitics · 1 decade ago

Did anyone see the white house correspondent dinner video this morning?

Here is my question I saw David Gregory of NBC news rapping with Carl Rove and other white house officials don't they realize they blur the lines when it comes to objectivity how can you hobnob with government officials and remain impartial and give the the American people just the facts on what is going on in governtment. I think the press needs to take a long hard look at themselves.

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    David Gregory of NBC is no Bush stooge. If anything, they have a pretty contentious relationship in the White House Press Corp room. Helen Thomas can never be seen as a press stooge

    For all we know, Karl Rove approached him to ask why is he so tough? He could have replied " because you are an a*shole. He does not ask softball questions. Ari Fleischer, Scott McClellan and Tony Snow can attest to that. They have had some spats with both himself and Helen Thomas to the point they have both been moved from the seats they occupied close to the front prior to this administration taking over. Helen Thomas' seat was given to Fox News( surprise, surprise, surprise) last month.

    This move seemed to have caused quite a "dust up" there because they changed their minds and gave her back her seat.

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    4 years ago

    confident. Carl Rove gave the impact of Beetlejuice, yet he continually does! Acts like him too. President Bush ignored his calling as a arise comedian. he's purely a circus clown for the rustic now. The antics that went on have been probable properly deliberate via an excellent notch crack group of Public Relation specialists to soften public opinion of the political crooks in extreme places of work! That spectacle exchange into something you may assume from an 8th grade skills practice! on an identical time as President Bush yuks it up brave women and men anybody is dieing in Iraq! perhaps Jorge Bush would desire to take the practice on the line to entertain the troops yet becareful of friendly hearth...

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    Carl Rove looked like Beetlejuice, but he always does! Acts like him too.

    President Bush missed his calling as a stand up comedian. He's just a circus clown for the Nation now.

    The antics that went on were probably well planned by a top notch crack team of Public Relation experts to soften public opinion of the political crooks in high offices!

    That spectacle was something you would expect from an 8th grade talent show!

    While President Bush yuks it up brave men and women are dieing in Iraq! Maybe Jorge Bush could take the show on the road to entertain the troops but becareful of friendly fire...

  • I think that one night a year they can let their hair down and have a sense of humor.

    There is NO chance David Gregory will ever be mistaken for a Bush lackey! Don't you watch him at the White House press conferences the rest of the year?

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    Did you really think the press is and has been objective and impartial? Perhaps it is more honest now than it was before, in that they do know each other socially as well as professionally.

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    1 decade ago

    The press needs to look at themselves everyday,it's their over paid job to REPORT, not to try and give opinions.

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    1 decade ago

    Yeah, but they sure put on one hell of a show don't they?

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