Where can I get my prostate milked/massaged in the UK?

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Aside of going to the dr's and going through the pain of asking for a prostate massaged, milked.

Is there anywhere I can get it done in the UK?
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I dont know about the UK, but come to Oklahoma and I can get you taken care of. LOL

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Sound, OK it is..
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  • a_rose_by_another_name answered 7 years ago
    Milked huh, sounds kinky!!! Try giving yourself the old reach around....just use a glove.
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  • college_student answered 7 years ago
    ewww this is nasty. I've never heard of it before.
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  • fatdadslim answered 7 years ago
    sound revolting to me,if i see you my hands are staying in my pocket,masturbation the normal way would be easier,no way im sticking my fingerin your bum


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