Which are the best places in Vienna, for sightseeing, shopping and eating?

Is it worth the holiday there??

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    Vienna is one of those old capital cities that you can imagine its grandeur as capital of empire. A lot of the touristy things to do are located in the first district which is bounded by the Ring (Ringstrasse). The Ring itself has a lot of important buildings It's easily walkable, and the subway/trams make it really easy to get to other districts. There's excellent baroque and art nouveau architecture all over the city. And there's a funky flea market (Naschmarkt) not too far from the State Opera.

    In addition to the area around St. Stephan's, the fifth district has some good shopping areas. Districts 2-9 surround the 1st District. Some of the great museums are in the 3rd. If you like classical music and opera, you're in the right place. Vienna is also home to loads of coffeehouses that each have their own character. Staying at a hotel in the centre will be more expensive. The university is in the 9th so there is a bit of more student-oriented restaurants, places. I think it's become a bit touristy -- the Bermuda Triangle (Dreieck) has a lot of bars in the old city center. In the fall, Heuringen are nice places to go for locally-made wine and traditional food. The Vienna woods are not far from Vienna. You can also go to Prater amusement park to see the ferris wheel (famous from the Third Man and other films). The UN has one of its headquarters on an island in the Danube.

    Some of these websites will give you more details:




    Source(s): Spent my junior year abroad in Vienna.
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    Outside of Stephan's cathedral is a very active street fair with terrific street food. Try sausages and Topfenganche (Fried egg donuts with apricot filling).

    Also the Museum Quarter.

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    Source(s): Been in Vienna myself
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