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緊急...求救!英文問題 _










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  • 1 decade ago
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    When I woke up in the morning, the first thing I noticed is that my mom has turned into a dwarf with a height of 20cm only!! Oh my god what is going on with my life?!?!

    Back in the old days I always moaned about how annoying and gross my mom is (basically I just moaned about everything because I hated my mom), but now that my mom has turned into a dwarf she can no longer control me anymore; I can play online games till late at night and go out with my friends whenever I wanted to! Although I was happy about this in the very beginning, but as time went by my life gradually became all messed up. I finally realized how important my mom is and that all she've done to me was just trying to make me into a good boy. I feel very sorry for my mom, I can't accept the truth that my mom has turned into a dwarf ! At first I kept lying to myself that my mom's going to be alright, but when I thought back about my childhood my mom had never given up on me...and how could I give up on my dearest mom now ?!

    P.S. Hope this is going to help you !

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