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一樣是灰姑娘的魔幻意境 ,














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    Chapter 1

    The similar is the evil Huan artistic conception of the ash miss,

    Similar have to side with an own daughter,

    Don't divide into a right and wrong to the wrong mother but was in need of a prince to keep company with,

    Much what to pay is a green Liao tooth but make amiable of of the aunt of Huo Lei.

    Be like a general fairy tale book similar own the aunt of Huo Lei of the sorcery,

    It is also the good miss that helps good natured exclusively.

    Story similar have long ugly and bad,

    The specialized love bullies the person's bad girl, bringing into relief the leading lady's advantage and the strength.

    Two misses are similar is drop into well.Meet a peculiar and unimaginable thing,

    But because of spiritual beauty of entirely different, and haven't same repay.

    The good girl of the final good natured, still acquiring him should have of recompense,

    And lazy bad girl still is a whereabouts is most miserably in the story of a.

    Chapter 2

    The tactful that the brave little tailor has leads the person's intelligence, he knows how to handle an own intelligence to face closely upon heels and since then of difficult problem, overcome to reach agreement one by one definitely, so let to slight his giant, each frighten of the bottom urine flow.Connect up the territory that went to a king to live down the adventurous and little tailor, again because the body lets the tailor's"kill 7" other misinterpret the person of[with] meanings chase it be the hero sort respect, as a result cause the heart of great commander inside the palace to contend for.Can dissolve a competition inside this Ting, the king has to the ability that the difficult problem tests a little tailor.The brave little tailor dissolved a field a field battle still.Return to be finally up the king.

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