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然後出現Bob's your auntie!



end up hurting the living crap out of your body.



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    1 decade ago
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    對不起,我不喜歡打很多中文字,下面的examples 你應該看得明.

    1. Cold coked

    在internet 找到以下的例句:

    - We got in toa huge yelling match about I don't even know what anymore then she hauled backand cold coked me.

    - They got cold-coked by all the new business from the cards,but they have worked it out.

    - Don't think Iever cold coked anyone in a card game,although I played in a lot of them and usually lost. (擊敗)

    但查網路的slang詞典只査到這個詞語,但相信思意跟Cold coked一樣

    Cold cock:

    1.The act of punchingor striking someone's face or head so hard, they are knocked out instantly. (擊頭或面)

    2.the act ofdestroying someones mental psychee by intentionally disregarding ajoke/statement/funny comment; this involves ridiculing and shaming, as well asa potential loss of friendship (意思大約是“冷淡對待”)

    ** 沒有上文下理,不知怎譯

    2. Bob’s your auntie

    Bob's your uncle:

    All will be well or simple as that.

    You will achieve the desired result.

    Bob’s your auntie’s live-inlover:

    A updated version of "Bob's your uncle" thatmore accurately depicts the level of divorce in the modern world.

    Definition: "there you go/it will be done and sorted"

    ** 沒有上文下理,不知怎譯

    3. End up hurting the living crap out of your body



    在internet 找到以下的例句:

    - Scared the living crapout of me!(估計是 ‘嚇得我屁滾尿流/魂飛魄散’之類)

    - clearing the crap outof people's heads and opening their hearts

    - can't clear the crap outof your lungs

    - Should I go to his place with a bunch of buddiesfrom work and beat the living crap out ofhim or what?

    ** End up hurting the living crap out of your body. 我覺得只是強調傷勢很嚴重.

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