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Where is Taiwan???

anybody can tell me where's taiwan????

i could not find taiwn on the map


how can i leave for taiwan??

any airport in the island??

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    Taiwan (Traditional: 臺灣 or 台灣; Simplified: 台湾; pinyin: Tiwān; Wade-Giles: T'ai-wan; Taiwanese: Ti-on) is an island in East Asia located off the coast of mainland China, south of Japan and north of the Philippines. "Taiwan" is commonly used to refer to the territories currently governed by the Republic of China (ROC), which include the Taiwan island group (including Lanyu (Orchid Island) and Green Island), the Pescadores in the Taiwan Strait, Quemoy and Matsu off the coast of mainland Fujian, and Taiping and the Pratas in the South China Sea.


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    anybody can tell me where Taiwan is???

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    "Where you stand is Taiwan!!"

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    It's can help you find where is Taiwan.

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    Taiwan in mainland China southeast

    Taiwan's latitude and longitude respectively is

    21~26N 120~122E

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