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Any opinions on David's Bridal for alterations?

I was hoping somebody could tell me if they have had any experience with David's Bridal doing alterations on their wedding dress. The closest store to me is on Steven's Creek in San Jose, CA.

I have heard that David's alterations department is not very good. I have tried calling some of the other bridal stores in the area but they are not prepared to do alterations on my dress if I did not buy it there.

If anybody can refer me to someone in the bay area that would be great too!

Thank you so much!

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    I have heard that David's Bridal is generally a bit slower than they should be (I dont send my brides there, I have a seamstress I work with regularly that is cheaper and better quality than what I have seen, unfortunately I am not in your area). I also know that MANY of the David's Bridal stores leave alot to be desired in the Customer Service dept.

    I would suggest finding a private seamstress to do your alterations. Look in your local yellow pages for a seamstress and be sure when you speak with them that you ask how much experience they have with wedding gowns, as wedding gowns are made from materials that are generally harder to work with.

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    Well i live in NY, so i don't know about your David's Bridal but the one here isn't that great. Plus they are WAYYYYYY over priced for what they do. As for the other bridal stores that won't touch your dress... you don't need to go specifically to a bridal store.

    I would suggest you start calling local tailors and see if they do bridal alterations. You'd be surprised at how great some of these smaller mom and pop places do. Not to mention most of these smaller places have been doing this for decades and they are more professional since it's the ONLY thing they do.

    So call around and see if any local place does it. A lot of smaller places specialize in wedding gowns.

    Good Luck and stay clear away from David's Bridal Alterations!

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    I bought my dress at a David's Bridal in southern California 7 years ago and was *not* thrilled with their alterations department. I spent a fortune on alterations (more than 3x what I paid for the dress) and though my dress wasn't awful, it didn't fit exactly the way I wanted it to on my wedding day.

    Sorry I can't help with recommendations in the Bay Area. Good luck!

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    I hated davids bridal in general, and have heard nightmares about their alterations department, apparently they manage to screw up everything. Most shops won't do alterations on a dress bought elsewhere, but I reccomend looking in the yellow pages for alterations, seamstresses or tailors and just go to a private one. Those people do that for a living so they are much better at it adn you will most likely get better results!

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    Unfortunately, they are a chain, and sometimes they are going to show service that reflects that they are a chain.

    Although the dresses are beautiful, in stock, and a good price, the service is sometimes questionable. Most of my brides that have shopped at our local David's, end up taking their dresses elsewhere to be altered, or to have the shoddy alterations fixed. Support a small business owner and let an experienced, seasoned seamstress alter it!

    Be sure to ask your friends or co-workers for recommendations, though!

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    I bought my dress from David's Bridal in 1997 and got married in 2003. (had a change of groom in there, too) anyway, in late 2002/early '03 I took the dress in to be altered and they wouldn't touch it! They told me that it was too old, and something about it being illegal to alter that design? I just took it to a local tailor shop and she did a wonderful job for me!

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    I used David's, only added a bustle. It came out fine. they are slow, and charge more if you need it in less than 2 weeks. I have heard good and bad things, but if you don't have a tailor or seamstress that you trust to do it right, I would take the dress to the store you bought it. If they ruin the dress, they have to make it right for you either with a new dress or repair. A private seamstress will not have access to that, so you take your chances.

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    well i don't thnk that it is david's bridal itself it might be the person who they have doing the altrations , what i don't like about david's bridal altertions is that they alter it like they want it not like you want it, you might wna t your gown to fit a certain way and they tell you should have it fit a differnet way and as for the heming of the dress they only take it up a inch or so and you might want it shorter, look around before you decided and ask the store do they have any examples of alterations that they have already done. you can ask to see their work. your the customer

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    my cousin got her dress from there and they were very high priced more then most so she found a local seamstress in her area and spent half of what she was going to and was very happy!

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    i got my prom dress hemed there they did an awsome job it was perfect and they handled my moms second wedding and my two sisters there great

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