microsoft access?

I have to do an assignment for school using microsoft access. Is this the same as database? I have microsoft office 2007 and do not want to buy another program just for one assignment. So is microsoft access the same as ms database?

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    Download a 30 day free trial of Microsoft Office Professional (includes Access) here:

    Microsoft Office does not include Access.

    Microsoft Office Professional includes Access.

    Same as database???

    Microsoft Access is a database program; dozens of companies offer database programs.


    OpenOffice DBase (free) can read Microsoft Access files and save to the Microsoft Access format.

    OpenOffice can import from MS application and export to MS application unless noted below.

    Base = Access

    Calc = Excel

    Draw = Similar to Publisher but not directly compatible

    Math = Create equations

    Impress = PowerPoint

    Writer = Word

    No equivalent = Office Outlook

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    Microsoft access is Microsoft relationship database.

    MS Database isn't the same, Access is a different program and usually comes in the Office Professional version.

    You can usually get an older version for cheap.

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    Yes, MS Access is a database program, one of the most powerful. I'm assuming you are going to have some lessons before having to do an assignment. It sounds like you don't even know the basics at this point.

    Microsoft Access is another of the tools in the Office Suite which enables the user to turn data into answers and to share up-to-date information with others. Data from Excel spreadsheets can be converted to Access databases and data from Access can be published on the Web in HTML format.

    Access is a program which enables the user to create a complete front-end user application. The program is complete integrated into the rest of the Microsoft Office Suite which means that the user can move data into and from Word, Excel and PowerPoint.

    Paraphrased from:

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    MS Access is part of Office 2007

    MS Access is a database

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    If you have Microsoft Office 2007 you have Microsoft Access.

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