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why does aspirin smell like vinegar when it goes bad? where does it come from?

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    Aspirin is the generic/brand term for the chemical acetylsalicylic acid (ASA). It's available in various forms, but usually the vinegar-like smell is most noticeable in tablets of higher concentrations.

    ASA is produced by taking salicylic acid acetylating it with acetic anhydride. This chemical process yields the aspirin itself along with a byproduct of acetic acid.

    The key component of vinegar is acetic acid. :)

    You mentioned the vinegar smell when aspirin "goes bad", or in very old aspirin. Tablets (especially in higher concentrations) of aspirin can basically go through the reverse process after exposure to moisture.

    Once this spontaneous degradation begins, salicylic acid and acetic acid are produced as the ASA breaks down, and become the catalyst for continued breakdown of more ASA . This can occur even in closed bottles after they've been opened previously. This breakdown process produces the vinegar smell due to the resulting acetic acid.

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    The expiration of aspirin that I have right now is up to 2017, but already smell like vinegar and the coated skin already fused with its aluminum that contain it. Is it already gone Bad? or it is just normal in an aspirin and still good with no problem to take,,

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    Acetic Acid Smell

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    I think it smells like paper glue when it's fresh, so it only makes sense that something would smell stronger & worse when it expires.

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    Part A - because aspirin have acidic properties, (acetylsalicylic acid).

    Part B - aspirin originated from the bark of the birch tree.

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    It is vinegar in solid form ...

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    aspirin is made from salycylic acid which is also used to treat acne.

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