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Why do bugs / insects always hang around lights?

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    No they are not curious ....

    Some night bugs will hide deep to avoid strong light.

    But night flying insects on the wild use moonlight to drive themselves by adjusting to a fly angle. The moon been at a very far distance and moving very slowly this angle stay relatively equal for the animal and it can use it to fly strait lines.

    But if they see a brighter spot light (electric or fire) they are lured to use it as reference instead of the moon (or stars ?), and all attempt to fly strait will become impossible an transformed into a curved flight gradually and closely to the light source. When very close they can't escape flying around, trapped often until death.

    As day light rises and comes from everywhere, they are used then to hide until the next night.

    Was I clear ?

    Source(s): Filmed french documentary
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    You know, I really don't have an answer, but

    what I don't understand is they don't come

    around a yellow light. They call it a bug light.

    Insects have always been drawn to light. I

    suppose they are curious. I'm glad light don't

    draw bears.

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    its the #1 hot spot, its like studio 54 back in the day.

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