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I'm thinking of buying a pet. Is there a benefit of getting a cat vs dog?

I've never had a typical house pet before. Is there something I should know before getting a cat or dog? The only thing I could think of is I won't have time train a puppy to not do his business in my house since I work during the day.

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    a dog is a pack (or group) animal--it really needs someone around to socialize with, depending on the breed it may require a little or a lot of excercise, big dogs eat alot and poop big, all animals need to go to the vet occaisionally and that`s never cheap. cats are much more independent; they still need love and attention, but can also usually get along with less attention and excercise than a dog might require.

    with cats (hopefully kept indoors) litterboxes will be used by the cat(s) and cleaned by you at least every 2-3 days.

    with a dog, you`ll be picking up warm, squishy dog poop with a plastic bag everytime you go for a walk(at least 2 good walks per day).

    if you go to the pound or shelter, chances are good you can find a dog that`s already housebroken--but housebroken does not mean the animal can always hold it `til you get home, especially if you stop off for Happy Hour, or an extended shopping trip.

    don`t forget to consider what happens if you need or want to leave home for a few days--who will water and feed your pet?

    take it for walks? pay to put it up in a kennel while you`re gone? take pet with you? give it to ma and pa to look after?

    have a friend house-sit and babysit?

    dogs are fantastic companions and you will be adored by your dog if you treat it right.

    cats can be very affectionate and independent at the same time--leaving home for a few days? clean the litterbox, put out a couple big bowls of water, and a big bowl of dry food, and have a nice trip!

    PLEASE--really put some thought into what kind of pet you want. once you bring an animal into your life you are it`s caretaker, you are the boss, you are the one who decides what kind of life this animal enjoys.

    good luck--the right pet will bring you much happiness!!

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      Just ask if she like sudden changes a lot or like to have the things in its usual way, no changes cause she got used to it

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    If you don't have the time to train a Puppy, you would probably be better suited to have a Cat, or even another small pet such as a Bird,Guneia Pig, Ferrett etc. Cats only need their litter box and food/Water. Birds need some attention but not 24/7

    A dog, needs to be trained, and it also needs companionship. it shouldn't be left for long periods of time all alone. Dogs also need walking, and excercise as well.

    If you don't have a lot of time, then you might even want to consider adopting an adult cat from your local pet shelter.

    they can be fantastic pets, the adult cats won't be running all over your house like a kitten would and you would be giving a home to a needy loving animal.

    The shelters also have sometimes, older dogs for adoption but then again, they also need attention and time with you.

    Good luck and be the best buddy to your new pet that you can be. It's wonderful comming home to a loving animal waiting for you...I know, I have a dog, 2 cats and a Parrot that are all here when I go out. and can't wait for me to come back.

    Best Wishes.

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    If you're not going to have time to properly train an puppy, a cat might be better for you. An indoor cat can be litter trained, so when you leave you don't have to worry so much about "accidents." Also, all the cats I've been around have been relatively solitary, they didn't need constant attention like some dogs crave. Even better might be to get an adult cat from a shelter in your area. In that case, litter training could already be done, so that's less worry for you, and a pet that needs a home gets one.

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    The simple thing to remember is - how much time do you have? Owning a dog is like having a new baby, you have to bathe it, feed it and train it. Cats on the other hand arrive fully trained! Normally you will get a kitten which is already litter trained and bathes itself. If you are looking for a companion to adore you 100% then get a dog. A good saying I heard was, dogs have owners, cats have staff!! A cat will be quite happy to stay on it's own all day, dogs are pack animals, just like wolves, they need their 'pack'. Personally I have much more fun with cats as they have the whole attitude thing going on!!

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    cat's are so easy to keep. Do you want to know how to potty train a cat. You set it in the litterbox....that's it. For some reason they get it. I don't, but they do. Cats can be very loving creatures. I have one that follows me around like a dog and greets me at the door when I come home. Cats don't have any problem with you being gone all day or even all weekend, as long as there is plenty of fresh water and food available....and a clean litterbox. The litterbox is the downside to having a cat...but then again do you want to clean up poop in the yard? Scoopable litter is a fantastic invention. Don't forget a scratching pole. Good luck.

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    If you don't have the time to house train a puppy, which a lot of people don't, then go for a kitten. It's really responsible of you to think about the time you'll have to spend on the critter and not be one of those spontaneous buyers. Puppies take lots of work and time. I'm watching mine chew up toilet paper as i type this. Oh boy they're a handfull. Therefore, I'd get a kitten. They're sweet and adorable, and they learn quickly to do their business in a litter box. And make sure before hand that you have a vet lined up for shots and worming so you're sure that your kitty is healthy. Good luck!

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    If you work all day and can't potty train, then you have two options.

    A. An indoor cat. They require little maintenance and love whatever time you can give them. Rescue one from

    B. A grown housebroken dog that will go to doggie day care during the day. No matter how many irresponsible people do it, it's not right to leave a dog home more than 5 hours at a time regularly. Again, check petfinder, and also look at breed rescue groups:

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    I think there are benefits of having a pet the more love you give them the more love you receive from them. I have always had a pet and I love both cats and dogs both are equally loyal and loving having a dog get you out and about in the fresh air gives you and the dog exercise having a cat the cat basically does its own thing but shows you love. I read on the BBC news website tonight about a golden retriever dog saved her owners life by performing the Heimlich Manoeuver on her owner in Maryland. Her owner was eating an apple and a piece got lodged in her throat and she pounded at her chest trying dislodge the apple as she began to pass out the dog jumped on her chest and dislodged the apple saving owner Debbie Parkhurst life.

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    Depends , cats are more independent, do their own thing, won't come when you call 'em. But on the other hand you put a litter box down and they handle the rest. a puppy would be friendlier, but sometimes get to friendly and are up your *** all the time like a shadow, plus the take a while to potty train and you'll probablybe cleaning up his mess for a few weeks.

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