Boiler doesn't start and constantly needs resetting...?

We had a Wickes Heat 40 installed about 2.5 years ago. A few months ago, we noticed it wasn't starting from the timer/constant switch and any time we wanted to switch it on we'd have to turn the knob from reset to on about 10 times.

Once we manage to get it on, it stays on and is quite reliable but the moment we switch it off for a few hours, it needs resetting again.

It was serviced last year and all was fine. It IS due for a service now but wondered whether someone here might have suggestions before we pay out for a technician to 'solve' the problem at extorntionate rates!!


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    try vacuuming out the dust from the burner chamber and the flue when the unit is turned all the way off, then take some emery paper to the end of the igniter and clean it down to clean shiny metal. you may also have to check the entire length of the exhaust for obstructions such as dead mice, birds nests, squirrels etc. also go to the thermostat, where-ever its located, take a q-tip soaked in isopropyl alcohol and clean the dust off of the contacts and the small glass vial with the mercury in it., if this dosnt fix your problem, then you do need a pro to check out your system. constant resetting is not fixing your problems, just delaying the inevitable.

  • Ian UK
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    1 decade ago

    As someone has said, it may be your thermo couple.

    It's obviously not a good idea to mess with gas unless you're a registered corgi plumber but most of the time a thermo couple is an external fitting and easy to replace so you may be able to do it yourself. I won't however advise you how as this would be silly as if you know what the thing looks like to begin with it would be foolish of me to advise you to go fiddling about for your own safety.

    Also, if you do blow something up, your insurance would be void if you weren't a registered gas fitter.

    Having said that, it could be something else. I would suggest getting a reputable plumber in and then when the problem is fixed, get it covered by British Gas. You pay every month for something you might never use but you'll be glad you do pay if you ever do have to call them out.

    I used an allegedly 'alright' plumber for a fault on my boiler. £255 later it worked but the man from British Gas told me the repairs he did shouldn't have cost that much.

    You live and learn

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  • Anonymous
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    I've just insured mine as it has just cost me £370 and i still have a problem with it, British Gas will cover your boiler for approx £10 per month so rather than pay a so called corgi engineer who knows nothing about boilers i figured it is well worth insuring it. Will let you know next month whether I'm right, because that's when I'm getting British Gas out to repair it properly (hopefully)

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    Does the boiler have a pressure indicator? On my old boiler, the pressure kept falling below the required level (1 bar) and then it would turn itself off. We fixed this by turning the screw that increased the amount of gas going into the boiler and kept the pressure a bit higher.

    Good luck!

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    More info would help. (gas or fuel oil fired, hot water or steam, pilot or ignitor etc.)

    Possibly a gas valve or gas pressure switch. Some of these can be re set and also can fail. Could also be an ignitor problem.

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    I like all of the answers but remember do not touch the stone part or the thermocouple with your hands they have oil on them and will cause a weak spot. also the cad sensor or flame sensor may be bad need to know which style you have. this is why its better to have a pro work on it. Cleaning is # one for this type of system. Good luck-HVAC

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    Dont mess with prob the thermo coupler....few dollars for a new one

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