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good trade?

im trading Tori Hunter and Jose Castillo for Jason Bay

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    Depends on your roster but anytime you can deal away later picks for someone that likely was drafted in the 2nd round then you have made a great deal as long as you dont gut a position to get one player. But Castillo is easily replaced anyways so it really is a Bay for Hunter and i cant imagine anyone thinking that would be a bad deal for you. You did real good on this one!

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    Great Deal!!!

    Jason Bay is much more valuable than Torii Hunter... he's on average a top 3 or 4 round pick... Torii goes much later than that in drafts and he's more valuable for his defense which translates to nothing for fantasy baseball... and Jose Castillo isn't worth much at all.. you'll find tons of guys producing better numbers than him on the free agen wire throughout the season

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    This is a decent trade, but beware, Jason Bay puts up decent numbers and is overhyped. I had him last year on my fantasy team, and he was on the no-cut list. He is good on a rotisserie type of league because he puts up great numbers for the season, but in a head to head league, he's not worth it.

    Year numbers: .286, 35 HR, 109 RBI, 101 runs, 11 steals

    July numbers: .204, 4 HR, 15 RBI, 18 runs, 0 steals

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