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What songs should I d/l to make a CD for my 2 and 5yr old daughters that (more)?

is uplifting, spiritual and will always be appropriate for them to remember how much their mommy loved them? There will come a day (hopefully a long time from now!) when I'm not around, and I'd like for them to have a strong memory of something beautiful I did for them.

I know I'd put Bette Midler's "The Rose" on there (I love the line where it says "just remember, in the winter, far beneath the winter snow, lies the seed that with the sun's love, in the spring becomes the rose." I have sung that to both my girls as a lullaby. I'd also put "True Colors," by Cyndi Lauper in there.

I also love Martina McBride's two songs, "in my Daughter's Eyes," and "I Have been blessed."

So, I have 4 songs - I want to make the CD about 12-14 songs long. What would you put on a "love songs to my daughters" CD?

Note: I asked this question in a different category and didn't get a lot of responses (or if I did, they were apparently awful and removed by Yahoo).

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    "Smile" by Nat King Cole

    "Forever Young" by Rod Stewart

    "May it Be" by Enya

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    First of all that's really a question that i like to answer.

    A mother loves her children, what could be more beautiful than that feeling? GOD bless the kids, and i wish you a happy long life. : )

    What if you put some Disney songs? it's funny and lovely for children because of the lyrics and music.

    They find their favorite cartoon heros singing for them, i think this will make a good memory, that reminds them with their childhood.

    I don't recommend that songs with a strong romantic meanings, because if you are away it will just bring heart breaking memories.

    So try to choose songs that brings a smile on their lips.

    Just think, do you want them to feel happy or sad when they remember you?

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