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Faith, Faith, Faith.............!?

If i told my son all he needed to do was ask for something (Like God does) and i would give it to him and then i didnt but instead told him to have faith(Like God does) and held off for years(Like God does) he wouldnt believe i was truthful in my promise. Everyone who sits around with a bible in their hand putting their hopes on the line just because of faith Are foolish. The only reason you people preach Faith is because your only other choice would be to walk away. You have NO other choice. What are you going to do 'make God help you?' Your thoughts?

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    I have found out in my Christian walk with the Lord that when I am totally out of myself; totally out of my hands and nothing I can do - that is when God steps in. God didn't promise me a new Lexus because a born-again Christian wouldn't ask for one. I don't agree with Prosperity Theology and I even hate to see it preached. From the very moment I accepted Jesus as my Savior, I have been one of the most optimistic people that you will ever meet. My hope is in the Lord. Without faith it is impossible to please God, so I have even prayed for increased faith. Like the man in the Bible, "Lord I believe, help my unbelief." If you trust in the Lord, mercy will surround you. I am blessed because my sin has been forgiven. Sin causes disease and afflictions and I don't want to be sick. God does provide material things, but from my experience He isn't big on them. God is big on finding a pancreas and kidney for my daughter so she can live. God is big on finding me a better job than the one that I lost when I felt like I could not do any better. The company closed after 19 years service, but God gave me a small business to replace it. God's hand has been in my life - all of my life. The Bible tells us "surely goodness and mercy shall follow you all the days of your life and you will dwell in the house of the Lord forever." I believe "Goodness" and "Mercy" are angels provided by God to make sure I don't stumble. How could I walk away from the Lord when He has never forsaken me?

    To you I say "Oh you of little faith" and I ask you to invite Jesus into your heart and ask Him to change your heart and mind.

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    There is no proof of God. There is no proof of miracles, there is no proof of anything - that's why it's called belief. The facts are that men wrote the Bible and people chose to believe the Bible was written by God, although historically its quite plain that it was all written by men. Once you're past that hurdle everything else is probably easy- but they really don't ever think about the fact that some 40 different people wrote the Bible and that books were changed, revised or thrown out all together, choices at the time that were made all by human beings not God. They chose to believe blindly.

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    That's rather unhappy :( I'm very sorry to listen to approximately your brother, and do not pay attention to the individual who mentioned god took your brother to train you a lesson, that is simply now not actual. Sometimes humans simply don't seem to be robust ample to combat, they usually have got to allow move and leisure. I'm very sorry to listen to that you've got misplaced your religion via all of this, as I comprehend that for a few, wasting religion of their faith may also be very elaborate. I desire in time you'll see that lifestyles is not all doom and gloom, and I rather desire you'll be able to be completely satisfied once more :)

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    You mean that you don't want your son to have faith that you will keep your promises? Some promises that God makes are for the here and now, some are for later. If you tell you son that you started a college fund for him, and he believes you, it would be nice of you to actually have that fund, especially around the time he gets to be of college age. If you tell your son that when you die, that he will inherit all your possessions, it would be nice if he did not wish to collect ASAP. I just don't get your point.

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    well, God has answered so many of my prayers, that your question is moot in my case. sometimes the answer is 'no' and in time passing, i can see why the answer was no cuz it would have been a mistake in my life.... thankfully i have faith that God knows what is best for me and trust that He will care for me in all ways in all days

    God helps me even in unanswered prayers... and i don't ask for God to 'give me things' other than peace or patience or comfort.... 'stuff' on this earth is just stuff and doesnt matter most the time....

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    My thoughts?

    My thoughts are you have confused Christianity with christendom.

    Christendom is a counterfeit, hypocritical abomination.

    It is the one that upholds the idea of believing for no good reason.

    Christianity, on the other hand, states that faith FOLLOWS.....

    Romans 10:17

    What does it follow?

    It follows the research of, the study of, the learning of, the reasoning upon, the meditation of the subject.


    A fellow jumps 16 buses with his motorcycle.

    Does he just go out and say: ".....duh, I think I can do it."


    He researches the subject, analyzes the situation, takes measurements and makes small tests.

    THEN he has conviction!

    It follows.

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    You always have choice,to do,or not do.But in life most of the stuff we do is faith.Will the sun rise tomorrow?Since we can't scan all space.We don't know what could hit us.We don't know if there is a weakness in the vessels of our body.We could be dead in a second.Life is all a matter of faith.

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    It is not just about asking for what you want. If you want to ask God for something you need to be right with God. Have you been to confession? Are you going to church? Studying the Bible? If you go about living your life and going to church only on Christmas you are not right with God. Sometimes when you ask God for something he says no. Maybe something better is coming. You always ask if it his will.

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    "The only reason you people preach Faith is because your only other choice would be to walk away. You have NO other choice."

    You're right! We have no other choice... except Jesus Christ!


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    I'm spellbound. Wow. Walking away is my only other choice, huh? With your attitude, it is clear to me why God didn't help you. You don't want God. You want a genie. One (God) is real. The other (what you really want) is imaginary. I don't "make" God help me. I simply ask Him according to His will. Thanks for the 2 points.

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