I recently broke up with my boyfriend of 5 years but we are still living together. is this a good idea?

i recently broke up with my boy friend of 5 years and we are still living together. I want to start dating but with us living together and sharing a child I understand this could be difficult. Are there any suggestions about what I should do????


i broke up with him. I will always love him because he gave me a beautiful boy. however I have not been in love with him for sometime.

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    For the sake of all 3 of u - definately a new place to live is needed. Take care that neither of u use your child as a weapon against the other. It's just too easy to let bad feelings misguide eachother. Especially when love is involved.

    Take care that u give yourself enough time to work out your emotions before jumping into dating or another relationship. Figure out the things u may have contributed to dissolve your relationship. So that u don't repeat those mistakes. Figure out the type of man your interested in. Develop new interest to broaden who u are. Avoid any comments about your ex in front of your child. No matter how true.

    If u do find someone special later down the road take care not to bring this person too soon into your childs life. Your child doesn't need to see your dates, it's less confusing. Remember u don't want a child to get wrong impressions nor feel they were the cause of a break up.

    Have a good child care setup so u can enjoy your freedom.Consider getting with girlfriends regularly to get back to going out. I've got a feeling you'll handle it and make your lives extra special. Good luck & give extra hugs to your child & yourself for being steady on a new path.

    By living under the same roof, it's hurtful & resentful for all parties. Being on your own with a child isn't easy but if u & your ex can maintain a decent communication for the sake of your child. All of u will be better for it.

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    One of you should leave. Even with the child. You can't completely eradicate him from your life now that you have a child, but you must do the best that you can. What do you think will happen when one of you brings back a new man or woman to the house. Think thats a good situation for a child to grow up in?

    One of you has to go unless you are going to be getting back together.

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    well if he still is living with you after yall broke up, then you should not stop having a personal life just because yall not together. He should understand that you have needs to and you don't want to be single all your life. so yea go on and do you

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    Either you go or he go.You don't love him already right?So?

    Either you take care of the child or him.Talk to him on this matter.He may understand.He may also have the same thinking as you.He could also want to start dating too.

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  • 1 decade ago

    Move out with the child, and move in with a family member.

  • 1 decade ago

    NOPE. unless you both can handle eachother seeing other people. You'll never let eachother go as long as your living together. Its best to break ALL ties.

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    it will be hard for both of you if you will still live together. ask him to move out or you can find your own place.

    if you dont mind me asking, do you still love him? cant you just work things out?

  • 1 decade ago

    i would start looking for a place of my own....

    Not good to be living with an EX!

  • 1 decade ago

    you need to have plans and agreement on what and where your living in is leading to...asses your relationship first if it is really over...

  • 1 decade ago

    get him out of the house

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