Front-end or back-end?

If you are a software engineer and data administrator, what do you think is the most important part in programming - the front-end programming or the back-end programming? Why?

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  • 1 decade ago
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    The back-end is more important because the basic prinicple is that you have one back-end that can be utilized by multiple front-ends.

    Additionally, the back-end is more important because all of the processing and logic should take place there, and the front-end's only job should be to display the data that it receives from the back-end.

  • PC
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    1 decade ago

    Which eye you like most?

    The left one or the right one?


    When it comes to work/output both are important.

    But we prefer to like left eye, in some case ( esp for road romio)


    In the same manner as a developer, i mean software engineer, in terms of preference on front-end or backend can be analysed i hope.

    For backend ... many critical decisions have to be taken in the earlier phase and a minute change may cause many problems in front-end.

    Even though its easy job... needs more analysis, innovative thinking capacity.


    For frontend, effort required is more, and dependent on backend (off course). But not much analysis work... Need no handle the designed backend properly.

    Creativity you need here too. But if you can be good to analyse in backend, its more productive..

    And my choice is backend ..

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    it depends on the software product that you are creating.

    but IMO I think back-end is more important then the front-end.

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    4 years ago

    i did no longer be attentive to that they had fronts or backs. Dang, I was hoping which you probably did no longer put in any information. I knew that the unique answer grow to be anterior and posterior. Is that what you advise?

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  • Meg W
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    1 decade ago

    That's a silly question. With a bad front end, the user experience sucks, and they'll be unhappy. With a bad back end, the user will get crashes or bad information and they'll be unhappy.

    Source(s): Both equally important.
  • 1 decade ago

    Since neither is going to work without the other, they are equally important.

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