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阿甘 asked in 社會與文化語言 · 1 decade ago


有沒有介紹高鐵的 "英文" 文章?






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    Features of THSRC 700T train


    Model THSR 700 T (型號)

    Number of carriages 12 (1 business car, 11 standard cars) (幾節車箱)

    Number of Seats 989 seats (66 seats in business car, 923 seats in standard cars) (座位)

    Top operation speed 300 km/hr (最高時速)

    Length of train 304 m (總長度)

    Seats allocation 2+2 in business car (4 seats each row); 2+3 in standard car (5 seats each row) (座位分析)


    The train design is on the basis of 700 series Shinkansen and 500 series Shinkansen.

    The air conditioning system inside the train is enhanced to adopt hot and humid weather in Taiwan.

    The traction motor power and brake power is enhanced to adopt speed requirement and geography in Taiwan.

    The fireproof design is stricter than that of Shinkansen


    Our train runs on exclusive routes, which are uninterrupted by any pedestrian and vehicle, it increases safety for our train.

    When the train is over speed, there are triple brake mechanisms to protect passengers' safety,

    (1).Service Brake:This mechanism is for normal situation.

    (2).Emergency Brake:If the speed doesn’t decelerate without following On-Board ATC speed curve, the emergency brake will automatically start and warn the driver with an alarm and a message.

    (3).Urgent Brake:This is back-up mechanism. If the service and emergency brake mechanisms fail, the urgent brake will automatically start and warn the driver with an alarm and a message


    2007-03-28 16:20:51 補充:


    THSR is planning to set up 12 stations along the western corridor in Taiwan.

    At the initial stage, 8 stations will be in service and the rest are estimated to start the service in 2010

    Source(s): 臺灣高鐵英文官方網站, 高鐵站的分佈及未來規劃
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    p.s. 副檔名是.pdf,請用Adobe Reader讀!

    Source(s): 高鐵局BOHSR
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