Property Taxes in Texas?

Hey, can any home owner/Realtor/Lender give me an idea of what real estate annual taxes are in McKinney, TX and Austin areas? I know they vary from county to county, but from what I've seen on line it seems to be $3000 per every $100k, which sounds really high. Then I'm seeing a lower figure on other info sites. I'm just trying to get an accurate number here for those two areas. Thanks..

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    TX property taxes are insanely high. TX does not have an income tax so the $$$ has to come from somewhere.

    $3,000 per $100k is in the ballpark of what I paid in the San Antonio area so that does sound about right. If anything, it's a bit low, actually.

    I moved to MO a number of years ago and the property tax bite here is less than 1/4 of what it was in TX. In fact, my property tax and income tax combined in MO is LESS than the property tax alone in TX was. TX is OK if you're wealthy but it SUCKS OUT LOUD if you're a working stiff.

    If you're considering buying in TX, pay no attention to the property taxes on the listing! As soon as you close, the appraisal district will reappraise the property and adjust the taxes -- often WAY up. Get the latest property tax bill from the seller and figure the % based on the appraised value on the bill. Then apply that same % to your purchase price. THAT'S what YOU will be paying once you close.

    I sold a rental in TX last year. The buyer had budgeted based upon the taxes I was paying. My appraised value was $80k but the sales price was $106k. They were shocked when their property tax bill was more than 25% higher than they'd budgeted for and threatened to sue me for failure to disclose that fact. I guess their lawyer explained the facts of life to them since they've dropped the suit but you get my message.

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    Texas has no state earnings tax. Texas has a state revenue tax of 6.two% which will also be as top as eight.two% with nearby use tax. California, Tennessee, Rhode Island, New Jersey, Mississippi, Indiana, Minnesota, Nevada, and Washington all have greater mighty revenue tax charges than Texas. he estate tax is the most important supply of investment for nearby offerings in Texas. Property taxes support to pay for public colleges, town streets, county roads, police, hearth safeguard and lots of different offerings.

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    They are outrageous unless you live in the middle of nowhere. There is no state income tax so they rip you off big time in property taxes. But if you go to and look at a house you want to buy it should list the tax amount on the MLS.

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