Boys names?

My husband and I are having a difficult time picking out a name for our unborn baby boy. We are looking for unique names so any ideas are welcome :o)

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    i am here to help you guys to pick any little baby boy names for youre first child ? i hope these names will be pefectly to choose from ?

    Alexander,arron, Adam,Allen, alt, arney, alan, austin, Amarnath

    Albury, ackerman,ALFREDA , Andrew, andress , Andy ,brent,bonny, browie,

    . Brian, Brandon, Barrett, Bryant, Byrne, Bo,BIANCO, BLAIR, BEN,bill

    Charles, cooker, collins, carlos, carol, chunk,CORY ,Christopher,cephas, chad, coral, cameron, casey, craig,courtney,Daniell, Davis, david, Dallas, dennis,DAWN,DANNY,derek, dodge, Dunn,Dustin, dell, Dimitric,dicky

    Eric,eddie, Eli, Ed,edwards, elinski, elmeniawi, erb every,Friday, Fred, Frances,Frank,ferguson, ferro, fey, fisk, fernandez

    Gary,Gordon, Greg, Grant, Gino,gess, Gardner, Grimes, Guymon,grey, green, gunn, griggs, gonzales, goodson, gher, gernert, gallery, gates , gatlin

    Huston,Hart, Howard,Harris, Hamilton, Hunk> jason, john, johnny, jacky, jackson, joey, joe, jose, joseph, jones, Jauregui, Juan, June,Jimmy.Jerrym jamie, Jerome,Jay,jonathan, justin, jacob, Jared, jeremiah, Jeri, Joy, joshy,jeff, JR.,jamel, jan,

    kyle,kelli,kylan,kenneth, kennedy,Kris, kenny.king,kissler, klein,kuhns

    Long, Logan, Lopez, Lowing, Lucas, Lee, Lasham, Leavitt, Lessi.Luke,Luna, Lyman,

    Michael, mick, micky, matt, matthew, Mackin, martin, martinez, mason, mayness, Mcgann, MC, mark, morgan, moore, modad, miller, mickel, meeks., milo,

    NIck, nelson, norri, nicholas.

    ogren, ohia,oatmeal, olding , peter, pat,phili, philip,pooky, pacheco, Penny, Perry, persons, pint, pry, pabin, Price, paul . Rick, Reno, robert, robyn, ryan, ruth, Ross, robinson, robles, river, rickey, Ray, Raymond., richard, ron, ralph

    Sam,Sadlee, sadler, spencer, shane, samantha, steven, scott, somers, smith, sin, slack, slusher, shawn,snow, smith, smethers, softley, soria, spillman, stauffer,szot,spears

    tomy, timmy, thomas, tucker, tyler, tracey, thompson, tabler, tosh,tony, travis, Terry, trevor, toddy, timothy, . teddy, .

    Sam, seth, scott, skippy , shelby

    Tommy, tim ,T.J. Todd., toma, tress, trent, timmerman,

    Ursula, underwood

    Vincent, Valente, Vyles Vinnie, Vinny,

    walling, waters, watkins, webb, wiggins, williams, wilson, wong, wright, wylder, woodring, whyman,

    Yee, yaeger , yonkovich

    Zipper, zepeda zack, zint

    well here are all boys names good luck !

    iam done

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    Blake, Ivan, Ian, Elton, Wesley, Gregory, Darwin, Drake, Wade, Grayson, Ethan, Evan, Gavin, Dixon, Liam, Colton, Hayden, Holden, Jake, Jack, Randall, Carter, Jarrett, Gabriel, Austin, Troy, Elijah, Chase, Chance, Xavier, Devin, Bryson

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    This may sound like a way out idea, but go to the library and get a whole pile of science fantasy novels. They have unusual names in them for the characters. My youngest son is named after a character in a David Eddings novel and my eldest son is named after a character in a mini series who was the hero and rode off into the desert on a white horse with the girl. My boys names while being different are not weird and they know who is being referred to if their name is mentioned as in a school of 1300 they are the only ones with those name.

  • 1 decade ago

    I personally like the names Curtis Samuel, Jasper Miles, Myles Duane, Derri Anthony, Ashen Ray, Kodey Michael, Seelis Lee, Crispin Curtis, Jerold Vernon, Jamey Aaron, Jeremiah Kole, and Skyler Pryce. Congrats!

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  • 1 decade ago

    My fiances nephew just had a son and named him Kayden. I thought that was unique and nice. The traffic girl on the radio had a baby boy and named him Jamieson. Good Luck to you leave feedback and let us know what you pick. I always love new ideas for names for babies.

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    ok i would just like to say ... keep in mind that your child is going to have to live with the name you give them they're whole life, so in other words i think names like Jesus Zeus and Aristotle should not be used .... naming a child after gods and or scientist is setting them up to be made fun of. None the less here are some unique boy names Gauge , Tayden, Jansen , Kelby, Kolt... theres lots lol. heres a neat website... unique baby names seperated by different orgins and meanings as well .

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    Warren was an old family name of mine.....I suggest to ask your parents and grandparents (hopefully still alive) about old family names. They really had some weird and different ones back then...Eugene? But if I had another child and it was a boy I would name him Stone Michaels....

    I think that is a strong name for a boy and different. Good luck.....happy labor!

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Saber Emerson (my name)

    Shadow Stevin

    Raiden Thunder

    Storm Risin

    Falcon Aiden / Maze

    Eagle Skylar

    Wolf Blisson

    Lion Braveheart

    Hawk Erickson

  • gamiel
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    4 years ago

    do not %. some thing 'unique'. only %. some thing incredibly uncommon -- this manner he received't be easily one of three boys with an same call in his instructions, yet his call will nonetheless be truthfully understood and easily suggested; he received't could spend a lifetime repeating his call and spelling it for human beings. do not underestimate the reward of having a attractiveness human beings can comprehend. some recommendations: Rhys Carlton Warren Carlton Emmett Carlton Dale Carlton Marcus Carlton Neil Carlton

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    We have two boys, and I always really wanted to call a son Ishmael (its a bible name, the son of Abraham I think?). But my husbands HATES it, and thinks we should save that name for a dog! So maybe you wont like it, but just a suggestion - and definately unique :)

  • trai
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    1 decade ago

    Not so unique anymore, but my favorites are: Aiden, Levi, Logan, Quintin, and Jayden.

    Unique names I like: Dartagnan, Anakin, Forrest, Malachi, Kincaid, Jasper, Tatum, and River.

    If your maiden name would make a good first or middle name, you might consider that.

    Congrats and good luck.

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