Why was James Dean so famous?

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    James Dean was a star on the stage and in movies such as "Rebel Without a Cause" and "East of Eden". He was an excellent actor, and because he was young, he was chosen for roles as the angry, young, frustrated man discovering truths about this life. These characters appealed to the teenagers and young people of that time.

    But it wasn't only his part in the movies that made him famous. James Dean was a rebel. He wore leather jackets, blue jeans, and white tee shirts and road fast cars and motorcycles. This may seem like a cliche now, but James Dean was the original. He was "the bad boy of Hollywood", and he was good at it. In addition, the theaters were playing up his impish good looks to the young women at the time.

    His career was just hitting it's stride when he was killed while driving his sports car on a country road. He was speeding, and the other driver was drunk. It was a shock to many people when he died, and so, his image, and his legacy has remained with us.

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    He made 3 Smash hits at the box office One was "Giant" & I'm sorry I don't remember the others but Natalie Wood was in one with Dean as the Romantic lead It was quite fiery for its day

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    he was the rebel without a cause

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    cause he was a rebel

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