anyone know where to find a list of the 2007 projected starting baseball rotations for each team?

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    I could give it to you:

    AL WEST:


    Dan Haren

    Esteban Loaiza

    Rich Harden

    Joe Blanton

    Joe Kennedy


    Kevin Millwood

    Vicente Padilla

    Brandon McCarthy

    Jamey Wright

    Robinson Tejeda


    John Lackey

    Kelvim Escobar

    Ervin Santana

    Joe Saunders

    Jered Weaver


    Felix Hernandez

    Jarrod Washburn

    Jeff Weaver

    Miguel Batista

    Horacio Ramirez




    Jake Westbrook

    Cliff Lee

    Jeremy Sowers

    Paul Byrd


    Jeremy Bonderman

    Kenny Rogers

    Justin Verlander

    Nate Robertson

    Mike Maroth


    Johan Santana

    Carlos Silva

    Ramon Ortiz

    Sidney Ponson

    Boof Bonser

    White Soxs:

    Jose Contreras

    Jon Garland

    Mark Buehrle

    Javier Vasquez

    John Danks


    Gil Meche

    Odalis Perez

    Zack Greinke

    Jorge De La Rosa

    Luke Hudson

    AL EAST:


    Chien-Ming Wang

    Andy Pettitte

    Mike Mussina

    Carl Pavano

    Kei Igawa

    Red Sox:

    Curt Schilling

    Josh Beckett

    Daisuke Matsuzaka

    Tim Wakefield

    Julian Tavarez

    Blue Jays:

    Roy Halladay

    A.J. Burnett

    Gustavo Chacin

    Tomo Ohka

    Josh Towers


    Erik Bedard

    Daniel Cabrera

    Jaret Wright

    Adam Loewen

    Steve Trachsel

    Devil Rays:

    Scott Kazmir

    Jae Seo

    James Shields

    Casey Fossum

    Edwin Jackson

    NL WEST:


    Barry Zito

    Matt Cain

    Matt Morris

    Noah Lowry

    Russ Ortiz


    Derek Lowe

    Randy Wolf

    Jason Schmidt

    Brad Penny

    Mark Hendrickson


    Brandon Webb

    Randy Johnson

    Livan Hernandez

    Doug Davis

    Enrique Gonzalez


    Aaron Cook

    Jeff Francis

    Rodrigo Lopez

    Jason Hirsh

    Josh Fogg


    Jake Peavy

    Chris Young

    Clay Hensely

    Greg Maddux

    David Wells



    Ben Sheets

    Chris Capuano

    Jeff Suppan

    Dave Bush

    Claudio Vargas


    Zach Duke

    Ian Snell

    Paul Malhom

    Tom Gorzelanny

    Tony Armas


    Roy Oswalt

    Jason Jennings

    Woddy Williams

    Wandy Rodriguez

    Fernando Nieve


    Carlos Zambrano

    Ted Lilly

    Jason Marquis

    Rich Hill

    Wade Miller


    Chris Carpenter

    Kip Wells

    Adan Wainwright

    Anthony Reyes

    Branden Looper


    Aaron Harang

    Bronson Arroyo

    Eric Milton

    Kyle Lohse

    Matt Belisle

    NL EAST:


    Tom Glavine

    Orlando Hernandez

    John Maine

    Oliver Perez

    Mike Pelfrey


    Brett Myers

    Cole Hamels

    Freddy Garcia

    Jamie Moyer

    Adam Eaton


    John Smoltz

    Tim Hudson

    Chuck James

    Mark Redman

    Lance Cormier


    Dontrelle Willis

    Scott Olsen

    Anibal Snchez

    Sergio Mitre

    Ricky Nolasco


    John Patterson

    Shawn Hill

    Matt Chico

    Jason Simontacchi

    Jerome Williams

    Source(s): Oakland Tribune
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    Each publication has it's own projections. But since even the manager's aren't yet fully projecting their starting rotations, there is nothing accurate in any such list.

    Teams that start the season on Monday have until Sunday to finalize their 25-man rosters, and teams that start on Tuesday have until Monday. Of course, the Cards and Mets, who have the Sunday night game, need to have their rosters set a bit earlier.

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    Sporting News Baseball preview magazine with david ortiz on the cover

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    I can try to help you a little:

    New York Mets:

    -Tom Glavine

    -Orlando "El DOOKIE" Hernandez

    -John Maine

    -Oliver Perez

    -Michael Pelfrey

    New York Yankees

    -Chien Ming Hurt My Wang

    -Andy "Back Spasms" Pettite

    -Carl "Traffic Accident" Pavano

    -Kei "I have no control" Igawa

    -Mike Mussia (sorry, dont have a stupid name for him)

    Boston Red Sox

    -Curt Schilling

    -Daiske Matsuzaka

    -Josh Beckett

    -Tim Wakefield

    -Julian Tavarez

    Check depth charts for other teams, I dont wanna type anymore.

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    go to and check what Peter "The Great" Gammons has to say. He is the Jesus of current baseball and I would trust anything he has to say on the subject of America's pastime.

  • 1 decade ago would be the best sorce most of the culb sould be seting it by now with opening day less than a week away.

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    any website that has baseball on it!

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    Check this site out... its has projected rosters

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    google it! tehehe

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