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what is domain name?

some one say it is a specific name .I agree it is specific name...but what

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    The term domain name has multiple related meanings:

    * A name that identifies a computer or computers on the internet. These names appear as a component of a Web site's URL, e.g. This type of domain name is also called a hostname.

    * The product that Domain name registrars provide to their customers. These names are often called registered domain names.

    * Names used for other purposes in the Domain Name System (DNS), for example the special name which follows the @ sign in an email address, or the Top-level domains like .com, or the names used by the Session Initiation Protocol (VoIP), or DomainKeys.

    They are sometimes colloquially (and incorrectly) referred to by marketers as "web addresses".

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    Domain name is the Name of your domain.

    Now the Domain is the boundary or extent to which you have the access to your network resources. For example take for example the name of the country England. If you consider the world map and if you draw a boundary of england then the whole area covered within the boundary is called England. So technically England is the domain name of that country.

    Now you must be getting the real idea. Same way if there is an organisation they create a domain name specific to their organization something like IBM.COM or or even etc etc. And within those domains you can have multiple subdomains just like a cities in a country eg. london in england etc.

    cheers I think that helps

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    Domain names are human-friendly forms of Internet addresses which are used to identify web sites. For example, the domain name “” is used to locate the website of Yahoo Inc.

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    Examples of domain names are '', '', '', etc.

    People and companies register domains names for their exclusive use. You can then create websites that the domain name points to ( or create email accounts associated with the domain name (

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    Domain name is use for identify website's address. for example provide domain name services.

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    Your domain name is the name of you network inside a forest. For instance. might be a forest but might be a domain inside microsoft therefore the domain name would be technet.

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    dont need to panic ARYAN

    actually when ur going to hav an website u need to hav an uniqe name or id on internet which is provided by a domain provider actually these people r authorised by the govt. to provide the domain (accord to availablity of domain name)first which type of domain u wann hav ..actually in which directory over web likewise under .COM,.ORG.MIL.EDU THEN THEY find a perticular name that suits to urs company name or requirements by their own specialized software then u get a brand new name ....isnt this is simple to understand

    !~*HAVE FUN*~!

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    Simply, a domain name is a easy way for a user (like you) to type in '' and get to google's homepage. "' is the domain name, which is actually just a "portal" linking you to their IP address (where the webpage is hosted).

    DNS servers take your request for '' (domain name) when you type it into a browser; looks up what the IP address is of the site, which you will then be taken to without ever having to type a IP address.

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    For example,,, and all share the domain name "".

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