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Star Sign?

I cant find anything about myself! can someone plz tell me my future or somethin?


-born Jan. 14, '95

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    Hi I am a fellow Capricorn too ( Jan 5) Here's something about us... I can't tell you your future but this is great outlook for you !

    Your most likeable trait: STEADINESS

    Capricorns are ambitious, and the lives of those born under this sign are marked by a purposeful pursuit of their destiny. Your motivating force is desire for success, money, status, position, authority, and (though you may not realize it) for love.

    In the sign of Capricorn the practicality of earth combines with the initiative of cardinality to create a personality geared toward leadership and power. Your ruler Saturn is the planet of limitations, which includes the limitation of time. (To the ancients, Saturn was the symbol for Father Time.) You have a heightened sense of the value of time, which helps to make you a superb organizer and planner. In the sign of Capricorn the quality of patience reaches new heights. One of the hallmarks of your sign is that you learn to wait for things you want.

    An aura of melancholy and sternness often surrounds you. Saturn has been called the Celestial Taskmaster for it symbolizes responsibility, discipline, and restriction. You, as a child of Saturn, are practical and above all determined. As long as there is a top to get to from the bottom, you will persevere in your upward striving.

    You think of yourself as a real person in a real world which allows little time for idle pleasure-seeking. You have a sense of purpose and a great faith in your own ability. Essentially, you feel you can depend only on yourself. This remoteness of spirit is often misunderstood by others; it has been described as cold passion. But you are not cold as much as self-sufficient. Beneath your reserve there is a sensitive and sympathetic person, and anyone who needs a strong shoulder to lean on needn't look further than Capricorn.

    Certainly you do not deserve your reputation for being sober and gloomy. One of your more striking characteristics is a sense of humor. Your wit may be dry, incisive, but it is extremely funny and has a way of erupting when others least expect it.

    As is your nature with everything else in life, you are cautious and conservative with money. Chances are you will amass wealth during your lifetime (usually in the later years), for you know how to make sound investments. In business your success is due to painstaking preparation. The journey of ten thousand miles may begin with a single step, but you know you can't get anywhere unless you first know where you're going. You may not size up a situation as quickly as some, but that can be an advantage, for it means you won't heedlessly plunge in. Instead, you will research, examine what others have done before, and gather all relevant data. Only then with a thorough understanding of the details, will you begin to move. And then you won't be stopped until you reach your goal.

    Your basic concern is for security. That goal comes first and you are usually materialistic. You can be spiteful toward those who stand in the way. You have a great sense of pride and will not forgive anyone who belittles or slights you. By the same token you will repay favors done for you. Scorpios also go out of their way to repay a kindness, but in their case it is done out of a sense of gratitude and fidelity. With you the motivation is pride, which does not allow you to live comfortable under an obligation.

    More than any other sign of the zodiac, Capricorns marry for money and prestige. In most relationships you must dominate, because when you are in control you do not feel vulnerable to another person's power. Ins mall ways you are continually testing the loyalty of those close to you. You are the loner of the zodiac, but have a great need to be loved and appreciated. Unfortunately, you won't let this need be known—in fact, you are a past master at concealing it.

    Underneath the mask, you wear still other masks, and it can take a long time to discover the real you. To others you may appear aloof, indifferent, hard to reach because you are so self-contained. But the very elusiveness of your Capricorn personality can be hypnotically attractive.

    Anyone who cares enough to penetrate your shell of reserve will be greatly rewarded. Your affections and loyalty run deep, and you cherish and protect those you love. And you stick around when the going is toughest.

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    No one can tell anybody's future. All they can do is give some predictions. Since you're a capricorn, you can get the general traits from books like linda goodman's sun signs, or from websites like You can also just search for 'capricorn general traits'.

    If you want more specifics, you could try some of the websites that ask for your date, time and place of birth, as all three are equally important in calculating a person's horoscope.

    Source(s): Experience.
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    You're only 12 years old... Capricorns take a long time... you're asking this question way too early...

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    Cancer Wooooo!

    lol july 16

    its on yahoos front page under the mail preview thing

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    Me capri+aquarius.

    For your forecast visit

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    this is todays sign..

    but I really dont believe them.

    ~Your changeable mood could confuse people, so be sensitive about what you say.~

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    please dont try to know your future belive yourself

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