Aren't Christian Missionaries a weapon to weaken the value of a people.?

No disrespect to Christian Missionaries. This ismore of a historical aspect. It seems that European and American goverments first send their missionaries to devalue the religion and other cultural ways of a people, then Colonize other countries convering them to Christianity and Democracy. THE WAY OF LIFE.

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    ** Aren't Christian Missionaries a weapon to weaken the value of a people.? **

    Yes, devalue for sure.

    First comes the explorers with their worthless trinkets, foreign contagions and diseases that the original inhabitants have no immunity against.

    Next come the missionaries to civilize ( despoil)

    and educate ( belittle ) the so called Godless heathens, ostensibly for their own good.

    This is usually followed by the first foreign settlers to arrive carving out large chunks of the land which they do not own.

    Now the original inhabitantsa rebel and have to be restrained for their own good, so the military of these foreign invaders comes in to restore order and decorum to the situation (robbery).

    After the original inhabitants are beat down and subdued the

    less adventurous of the foreign invaders comes in, these are know as colonizers.

    Then foreign administrators are set up in the subjugated country and the people are usually decimated some more and conquered in the name of religion (unprovable),mostly as it is said for there own good.

    This technique of conquering a peaceful people has been done so much it's old.

    Hopefully such things will die of old age or misuse.

    Have a pleasant day.

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    As a theologian, I believe that I will be the most qualified to answer this important question....

    Yes, whatever your name is, the Missionary position is absolutely designed to weaken the value of a people.

    You see... and I'm going to be Frank.

    We need everyone in the world to:

    1. Believe the same thing

    2. Act the same way

    3. Realize the need for unity

    4. Find hope in the same things

    Here at the Theological Institute for Homogenization, we call it, "B.A.R.F."

    So, in a nutshell, We need everybody to think the same, and we have the best way:

    Rules, Morals, One Big God, Some confusing doctrines (to keep people active and on their toes) and some groovy Christian Rock Tunes to get you peppy, and lots and lots of Member's Only Jackets.

    As you can see.... We got it goin' on.

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    Sorta. The missionaries ment well. It is their religion to try to change others. Would you get mad at a muslim for wearing a head scarf. It was not right to change the people, but they did help in ways.

    The goverments came later, and though the missionaries did not support it, they did not stop it.

    Most ment well, as well as aginst the treatment of people and slaves.

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    One flaw in your reasoning there is that in the modern era, Christian Missionaries are no longer supported by the Government. But they do devalue a people which is why when I hear stories about missionaries who disapear, or get eaten, I think it's funny.

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    Sounds about right..

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