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why did God create so many stars and planets, they are just rotating aimlessly, whats the point?

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    If it is Seemingly useless to us humans, why did God create other things? It is all for US! WE are the important ones! What do WE need with stars and planets?


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    Well, they aren't rotating "aimlessly". They have a very specific and predictable course. And just because we don't know why, doesn't mean there isn't a reason. There are lots of things out there and even in our own body that we have that no one has figured out a purpose for...yet. And things that they used to think had no purpose...they've found out does. day we just may find out what those planets are doing out there. Until then, they are pretty at night, aren't they?

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    1 decade ago

    in time we progress ,

    as we rise up we develop theories

    at the end we become our own sun

    we have the in the beginning thing

    see the light is good

    and then we too make our own dust to rise up from the deep

    its the end point of our being

    our gift we give to others

    follow any script we like

    channel gods light and have a go

    what you going to do different?

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    Well. i wouldn't say it's pointless... for example, God gave us moon so it can shine in the night, God gave us Jupiter that are 10x bigger than the earth (maybe more), so it's gravity will pull any meteor that approach earth, so it won't crash ON EARTH (it does reduced a lot of number of collision)...and the rest are still mystery, but in my opinion, it will take a very long time for human to unveiled the mystery of the

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    WE think they are rotating aimlessly. But I wouldn't want to see them stop.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    There is no point or purpose for the universe, and there is no God.

    But the universe is a real thing, while God is a figment of human imagination.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Why aren't you using your brain? You are rambling aimlessly, what's the point? Not to mention arrogant as hell.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Who are we compared to god?

    The knowledge that god gave us is extremely little compared to his..

    Put your finger in the ocean and pull it back..the water that stick to your finger is the only knowledge god gave us human and the rest of the ocean in the entire world is his knowledge,,

    that what we are told in Islam..

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    Ahhh it is Not Our Place to question God or his Motives. We need to accept on Faith.

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    it is believed that the good souls after death go to heaven who knows all the sols are sparkling stars are may be druv north star.

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