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Are sugar free good for one's health.?

is it safe to have these products such as equal,sugar free-natura and zero.are there any side effects on body over a long period of time.

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    No long term studies have proven that any of the currently marketed artificial sweeteners cause harm.

    Currently there are these in the US (not sure about other countries) :

    -sucralose (Splenda)

    -aspartame (Equal)

    -saccharin (Sweet & Low)

    There was some to-do about saccharin in the past, as a study showed that it caused cancer in lab animals... however that study was proved inaccurate by countless others. In my personal opinion, saccharin is the least pleasant of these, as it leaves a bitter aftertaste anyway.

    There are no side effects from artificial sweeteners... they are merely sugar compounds that have been altered so that they are too large to be absorbed in the body, and pass through unchanged (how they don't have any calories, but still taste sweet).

    Some people prefer natural low-calorie sweeteners such as stevia, but these products aren't widely marketed in many places.

    Compared to the consumption of natural sugar, which has no nutrition and LOTS of calories... and the detrimental effect it has on your health when consumed more than every once in a while, it makes sense to use artificial sweeteners. People who eat diets high in sugar are much more likely to suffer from weight problems, diabetes, high blood pressure, etc...

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    There's a infrequent scientific situation wherein a few persons have a major adversarial response to phenylalanine. Hence the labels on merchandise that include it, however such a lot persons do not need to fear approximately it. Aspartame regularly says "has been related to melanoma in lab animals" or anything an identical. For them, it is a authorized buffer, however thousands of persons eat it day-to-day regardless. Personally, I hate synthetic sweetners for the style, however I'm additionally now not truly colossal on stuffing myself with chemical substances. Even regardless that they appear innocent, you under no circumstances understand what the cumulative have an effect on probably. For youngsters, I'd say pass with really low-sugar beverages and many others, and undoubtedly restrict sugar and fats, however you'll do this with out going to artficial sweetners.

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    they are good if you are a diabetic person... because you need to decrease your sugar intake... but if you're not, it's not good for you... because the sugar that you are taking in inside your body is just right to supply you with the energy that you need... if that will be decreased, there will not be enough glucose in your body... and we need that for energy....

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    your body makes its own sugar and it was around B4 Coke

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    i heard they give you cancer.

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