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I have receive an email from that said I have won a cash prize. I want to know is it true

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    The question is whether you did anything to earn a cash prize. Did you enter a competition. Did you get ten people to sign up for yahoo to earn that money. I also receive lots of e-mails like this because I sign up for lots of offers on the internet. I am a high spammed person, I do not answer these e-mails but one thing that rings true is that anything that sounds too good to be true usually IS!!

    If you want to know if it is true though is to contact yahoo through a reputable source (perhaps by first getting a sign in seal so you know you are really on a site (and not on a phishing site to start off with) and then to ask yahoo if you have won a cash prize. That way you will hear the truth.

    If you did win a cash prize congratulations but remember you might still have to buy something or do something to get it!!

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    Well just email them back.

    But you should check the email headings if they're really emailed from Yahoo.

    Alternatively just email Yahoo and ask them for help?

  • my friend, best bet, copy the email to yahoo's contact and find out.


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    not true don't believe that . if you didn't join anything then there's no reason for you to even consider this .......

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    r u serious don't be dumb

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Of course it's not true. Please don't be a sucker....

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