Sims 2 problem ........ please help !!!?

I bought the sims 2 two days ago ... I have a computer that meet all the game requierments , but the game is running slowely ..... and some times it halting when I take my sim to shops !! Here you are my computer characteristics : Pentium 4 : 3.06 GHz , 512 RAM , Intel mother board , built-in video card 96 MB (Intel 82865g graphics controller), 80 GB hard disk and Windows XP. I have installed the game on E drive which have 60% free space ( C,D,E hard disk drives ) .

My video card is supported by the game ......... PLEASE HELP ME .. I just like the game but its running slowely and crashes down!!

And I had updated the game .

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  • 1 decade ago
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    i had the same thing too when i bought my sims is slowly getting used to the system, after a while of shopping and saving the game..the process will be very slowly..i played for a few weeks and then it become smooth..

  • 1 decade ago

    Do you have other expansion packs installed? Do you make sure to close all other background rasks that are running, such as antivirus software?

    Even if it says 256 MB is the minimum, if you have expansion packs with it you will need more or it will be jerky. More makes the game alone run better. I started with 256MB, got tired of the slow moving choppiness on the screen, added another 256MB. But after installing the last expansion pack it started going slow again, so I added another 1GB RAM. No more slowness here. So if you have other expansion packs installed I would definitely say you need more RAM.

  • 1 decade ago

    I think its your RAM. I'm not sure. The requirement is 256MB RAM but yours is 512 Mb. I'm not sure if your RAM is the problem.

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